Gorgeous Cosmetics’ store revamp

Gorgeous Cosmetics’ flagship store, Chapel Street, South Yarra, has a new location and new look, which reflects the overall new look and direction of the brand.

The brand's founder and CEO David McConnell envisaged a combination of glamorous surroundings, premium engineered products and an educational, approachable environment for its clientele.

Interior Designer Greg Natale said: “I designed the store more as if it were a luxurious bedroom; from the chandeliers to the makeup displays, it isn’t just another commercial space.”

Boasting lots of natural light, the new store features ornate chandeliers, deluxe rugs, marble accents and signature-patterned walls,

The makeup application areas are illuminated by “Hollywood glamour lights”.

The store offers Gorgeous Cosmetics’ signature service, Makeup School 101, “intelligent makeup training for the non-makeup artist”. The dedicated Madam Lash Bar allows visitors to select the style of lash they want and then have them applied.

McConnell commented:

“We had a lot of fun designing this store and seeing the new Gorgeous come to life, true to our revitalised identity. The main areas we focused on were the customer application areas, which can comfortably cater for up to six to eight customers. With lashes being so popular in our stores, it was important to have a lash application unit that allowed for a quick service. The Madam Lash unit accommodates this perfectly and I think it's a first in store design in Australia. I also think that one of the outstanding pieces in the store is the ‘boyfriend’ couch, as we like to call it! Whether it's a boyfriend, sister, mum or child, a place for someone to rest while their other half gets gorgeous is fantastic.

"The Gorgeous Cosmetics way is all about ensuring our customers feel welcome in-store. Our staff's key training principles are to be approachable, encouraging and inspirational to our clients.”

The new Chapel Street store is part of the new Gorgeous Cosmetics look being rolled out this year.

The store is located at 450 Chapel Street, South Yarra Victoria.

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