Enhance by Natural Compatibles has launched its new contemporary brand identity as it celebrates over 17 years of delivering natural-looking makeup solutions through salons.

“After years of delivering timeless makeup enhancement solutions to thousands of Australian women, it’s time for our brand to have an extreme makeover,” said Denise Richardson, founder and managing director of Enhance by Natural Compatibles.

“‘Enhance’ encompasses all that’s contemporary and embodies our philosophy that all we need is to enhance our natural beauty to maintain a look that’s timeless and youthful.

“[The brand’s] principles are based on style rather than fashion trends, promoting a long-lasting relationship between the brand and its loyal users. All our corporate materials, POS and communication tools reflect this exciting new image including a gorgeous model, font and logo makeover. This is a great way to launch into a new decade!” Richardson added.

Visit www.naturalcompatibles.com.au