Bodyography sponsors Glamour 2010

On July 9, Bodyography Cosmetics sponsored Glamour 2010, a fundraising fashion parade organised by three women hoping to raise money for its local soccer club in Sydenham, Victoria. What started off as a local fashion parade at the club has grown into a full blown fashion parade, which this year was held at Lakeside reception centre, and attended by 500 people.

The event showcased the designs of nine fashion labels, including Leiela Fashion – who Bodyography previously worked with during L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week. Bodyography makeup artists, Emily Penkaitis, Enza Fava, Lia Beth and Sarah Smith, helped transform the fashion models for the catwalk.

Guests were treated to a non-stop fashion parade while they dined, and took part in live auctions and raffles. A total of $15,000 was raised on the night, which will go back into giving young soccer players the opportunity to play the game in the community.

Bodyography Director Rob Tamburro said that being involved in the event was a privilege, for many reasons. “One being that the purpose of the event was to raise money for the kids, which was achieved through our biggest supporters: women and the players’ mums; two, it gives children the opportunity to take part in the local community and three, it was a real pleasure to give something to the community where I grew up. Having played sports throughout my entire childhood, I understand what it means to these kids. It is amazing how a cosmetics company can assist people, charities and organisation in different ways, whether it is through raising funds or simply making people feel better.”

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