Bodyography on the scene

The Bodyography team have been busy applying makeup for musicians and preparing for Salon Melbourne.

Former Taxiride front man Jason Singh

The team recently applied makeup for former Taxiride front man Jason Singh and his new video clip “I Can Dream,” the first film clip for the Bodyography crew.

Written by Jason and produced by legendary producer Charles Fishers (Savage Garden, Hodoo Gurus, Air Supply), this slice of dreamy pop perfection was mixed by sonic genius Dave Way (Pink, Foo Fighters, Shakira).

Bodyography are also currently preparing for time on the main stage at Salon Melbourne 2011.

Following the success of Bodyography’s 2nd birthday “A Night in Pandora” event, Bodyography will be exhibiting at Salon Melbourne in 2011 and will also be featured on the main stage each day at 11:30am.

Expert Bodyography body canvas artist Laurie Faulkner will educate visitors on some basic tips when working on the body as a canvas and will create an Avatar inspired masterpiece for onlookers. Laurie’s work has been featured in magazines and billboards for Pepsi, Levi Jeans and Mercedes Benz.

Contact: Bodyography 1300 263 964.


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