Ultraceuticals have recently announced several changes in their online distribution policy.

General Manger of Ultraceuticals, Olivier Du Villard, released a statement detailing the new changes and decisions regarding the company’s online distribution methods.

Given the prescriptive nature of the brand and the high degree of active ingredients in the range, Ultraceuticals are determined to ensure that all customers are using the correct products in order to get the very best results for their skin.

In order to prevent customers from incorrectly self-diagnosing, Ultraceuticals will be closing all of their previous online retail third parties and will only use the company operated website, which will be upgraded with an online shopping facility available for customers from the end of January 2011.

The website will also allow customers to participate in a Skype consultation with a highly trained Ultraceuticals skin expert.

“As a manufacturer of professionally recommended skincare products with higher levels of active ingredients more prone to cause skin reactions than most self-select products, we have determined that we have to regain control over the recommendation and sales process of our products online going forward to reflect our core value of professional recommendation,” stated Ultraceuticals GM Olivier Du Villard.

“To deliver the best results for our customers and ensure best use of Ultraceuticals home skincare regime, we highly recommend clients first visit an official Ultraceuticals stockist and seek a consultation from a trained skin therapist on how to best use our products according to their skin concerns.”

Contact: Ultraceuticals 1800 355 890.