Bodyography at Silk Road birthday bash

Bodyography sponsored Melbourne bar, Silk Road’s 2nd birthday celebrations in May.

With a Moulin Rouge theme, 1000 VIP and celebrities attended the invite-only event. Celebrities included Dermot Brereton, Krystal from Big Brother 2006, Amber Renae (Project Runway), Penny Higgs (So You Think You Can Dance), footballer Gary Ablett and Ann Peacock.

Bodyography set up a full size studio in the champagne lounge balcony of Silk Road, with red carpet, media board, three makeup stations and full camera lighting.

Patrons were treated to free makeovers, Bodyography products to take home and paparazzi-style photographs on the red carpet.

The event was filmed by Fashion TV and featured a Moulin Rouge can-can show, fire performers and singers.

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