How to keep your wax room clean

Keeping the treatment room hygienically clean can be tricky in a busy salon. Here’s how to keep things sparkling.


Hygienic waxing
Keeping your hands clean is the first step to keeping your salon hygienically clean.


Keep health and safety a priority

“It is important that you make it really obvious to your clients that you have their health and safety in mind at all times,” says Holly Hayes from Caronlab. “At Caronlab we recommend using Micro Defence hospital grade disinfectant that kills 99.99 per cent of all germs and viruses to keep your treatment room hygienically clean. It takes just three easy steps.”

Here are three steps to a hygienically clean wax room.

Step 1: Clean your equipment

The first vital step in hygiene is to use an antibacterial spray such as Caronlab’s Micro Defence Spray to wipe down your bed and equipment. “Do this in front of your client while they get ready for their treatment,” says Hayes. “Explain to them that you are using an organic hospital grade disinfectant that provides 24 hours protection.”

Bonus: This spray also can be used to clean your reception, bathroom and kitchen areas.


Keep your wax room hygienic
Keeping the salon clean can be done in 3 easy steps.


Step 2: Clean your hands

Keeping your hands clean should always be a priority. Enlisting a product such as Caronlab Micro Defence Foam before you begin your treatment will “help protect you and your client against a wide range of bacteria, fungi, yeast infections and viruses including Herpes Type 1 & 2 as well as Hepatitis A & B,” says Hayes.

Step 3: Clean the skin to be treated

It is also important to clean the area you’re about to wax. “Because it is alcohol and chemical free, Micro Defence Foam is suitable for use on sensitive skin and intimate areas,” says Hayes. You’re your client clam and happy by having a chat about what you’re using and why. “If you are doing a Brazilian, apply Micro Defence foam to a tissue first or get them to prepare themselves before you start,” says Hayes.


Keeping your wax room clean will keep germs at bay (and your clients returning).
Keeping your wax room clean will keep germs at bay (and your clients returning).


And then repeat…

Once the treatment is finished, make sure all signs of the wax treatment has been wiped away using antibacterial spray. Hayes also recommends folding up the used bed roll and placing it over the top of the bin to hide the last clients wax rubbish. “Then place down fresh bedroll and get ready to repeat steps 1 to 3 with your next client,” says Hayes. “These simple things only take a few extra minutes and have a huge impact on how your room looks and feels for your clients.”



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