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Australia’s first Natural Beauty Week presented by the College of Natural Beauty (October 21 – 25) received overwhelming national support from all those who agree ‘natural is best’.


The college-run event that happened between October 21st – 25th saw consumers from all over Australia taking notice of the impact caused by chemicals in cosmetic products. More than 500 people pledged to switch to beauty products with less harmful chemicals.

“We were thrilled with the spirit in which Australians took up the cause, with hundreds of beauty lovers hitting Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to pledge their support,” said Heddy Butler, director of aesthetics education at the College of Natural Beauty.

Instagram images from #switchtonatural

The hashtag #switchtonatural received more than 220 mentions on Instagram with people flaunting their new organic products or brave makeup-free faces.

“It was also great to see so many people take part in our makeup-free day to give their skin time to breathe – hundreds of Australians joined our lecturers, staff and students in letting their natural beauty shine for the day,” said Heddy.

The week-long campaign gained support from media personalities as well as several like-minded brands. Brands involved included Kora Organics, Shine from Within, Pure Indulgence, Synthesis and Jasmin Aromatique.

High profile health and wellness personalities Therese Kerr and Lorna Jane Clarkson rallied their supporters to participate in the campaign.

“We were touched by those who were inspired to research and share their own articles on the topic of chemicals in beauty products as a way to raise further awareness for this extremely important cause. It was truly rewarding to see Natural Beauty Week take on a momentum of its own, with a waiting list of companies interested in coming on board as 2014 supporters,” Heddy said.

Amanda Rootsey

Model and spokesperson for Natural Beauty Week Amanda Rootsey posed for a MX photoshoot to promote this cause. As a passionate advocate for natural skincare, she is concerned with what the average Australian woman puts on her face – “the scary fact is that out of more than 10,000 chemicals found in cosmetic s and beauty products, around 90% haven’t yet been tested for safety”.

Consumers were encouraged to visit the official Natural Beauty Week website for inspiration and ideas on how to make the switch. The College of Natural Beauty donated 10% of its profits generated from this activity to the Butterfly Foundation.

For more information visit www.cnb.edu.au or www.naturalbeautyweek.com.au

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