‘Spray Tan Queen’ in Nashville

Self-proclaimed ‘spray tan queen’ Andrea Taylor took her brand Mediterranean Tan to Nashville for this year’s Smart Tan, Downtown Indoor Tanning Trade Show.


Spray tan queen, Andrea Taylor

Andrea Taylor first entered the tanning industry over a decade ago when she purchased and ran a salon. She then moved on to other brands and ultimately, Mediterranean Tan.

Leaving a string of successful business ventures everywhere she goes, Andrea decided that it was time to introduce her product to the US after being approached by large international distributors.

Andrea felt it was time to challenge USA and everything they thought they knew about the tanning industry by attending this year’s Smart Tan, Downtown Indoor Tanning Trade Show.

Mediterranean Tan launched into the US market recently and already gaining significant market share, Andrea’s answer is that while others sit around and talk about it – she just gets on with it. It has been this approach that has allowed her to achieve a string of academic qualifications including a diploma of applied science and a MBA.

Andrea hopes to gain new adventures from her time in Nashville and to pave the way for Mediterranean Tan in the global market.

For more information visit www.mtwb.com.au

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