Glamazon aims to help salons fill 36,000 lost bookings a week

Glamazon’s new partnership with business management software company Mindbody could help Australian beauty salons fill up to 36,000 lost bookings a week.

Glamazon co-founder Lauren Silvers said the technology integration between the companies will give the Australian beauty industry the ability to generate an additional $2.3 million in revenue each week.

Prior to the partnering with MindBody, the Glamazon app had to send booking requests to salons who then had to “manually respond”,  but now Glamazon clients will have “instantaneous and real-time access to salon appointment books so they can book appointments at the click of a button”.

In addition, the partnership with MindBody and the salons using their system will give Glamazon “four percent of the beauty salon market instantly” with the figure expected to increase to “more than 15 percent” by the end of this year.

“There is no doubt the industry and individual salons will experience a huge benefit as a result of this integration and technology innovation,” said Lauren.

“Our research shows that salons are losing an average of 36,000 appointments each week and individual salons are losing almost $6000 in revenue as a result of ‘dead space’ and last-minute appointment cancellations.

“Glamazon not only gives consumers a simple way to book their appointments, but salons a way to fill their appointments and generate additional revenue without any extra effort.”

The Glamazon app currently has over 10,000 users and more than 800 registered salons and 300 stylists – registration is free for clients and salons but the latter must pay a commission on each booking.

Salon owners and stylists can download the app here.

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