Makeup artists around Australia, from beginners to advanced, are invited to enter the 2018 Face2Face Makeup Awards.

To be held at Beauty Expo Australia in Sydney in September, the awards reward extraordinary craft, creativity and passion – and provide “a launchpad for makeup artists to showcase their skills to the industry”.

Announcing that the Awards are now officially open for entries, Face2Face Makeup Awards creative director Becca Gilmartin said she is excited to drive the awards in 2018 and encourages all makeup artists to consider entering “regardless of their expertise or level of experience”.

“The Face2Face Makeup Awards are a platform for every kind of makeup artist to further explore their craft, push their own personal limits and display excellence on a national competition level not seen anywhere else in Australia”, she said.

Face2Face Makeup Awards 2017- Creative Makeup Category winner Cate Arthur

The awards’ five categories all have fresh themes this year, including:

Bridal: The Real Modern Bride − entrants are encouraged to create a bridal look that celebrates the diversity of love in Australia.

Fashion Catwalk: Key Makeup Artist − entrants create a catwalk makeup look to complement the aesthetic of their favourite fashion designer.

Art: My Own Fairy-Tale − entrants create a full body paint that reflects a fairy-tale they wish existed for the new generation growing up in today’s world.

Creative Makeup: Drag, Darling! − entrants are encouraged to take inspiration from the legacy created by the ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race television series and “create their own entrant, like they would if they were joining the 11th season of the show”.

Beauty Editorial Photographic Category: Modern History − entrants create two images that take a 2018 spin on a makeup period from the past.

A Laud Magazine Editor’s Choice category has also been launched this year. The winner, one of the competitors in any of the other categories, will be chosen by the editor of Laud.

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