Éminence’s 2000th Master Class

Last month, Éminence Organic Skincare celebrated a milestone in education in reaching their 2000th master class.

BK in LV
Boldijarre and his team

In celebration of this achievement, the co-founder and president of Éminence Boldijarre Koronczay taught the 2000th Master Class at Las Vegas International Aesthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference. This was a highlight for the conference, seeing thousands of spa professionals eager to attend the demonstration class in order to meet Boldijarre.

Attendees described it as an inspiring and informative event, praising Boldijarre’s ability to influence the spa industry.

VIP tickets were available for those who wanted the full Vegas experience. VIPs were offered exclusive local entertainment, live comedy, and a demonstration of Boldijarre’s signature massage and facial techniques.

The crowd cheering for the spa education legend
The crowd cheering for the spa education legend

Humbled by the immense popularity and support, Boldijarre thinks back to his first class 17 years ago: “it makes me think back to the very beginning. My first class was in Vegas 17 years ago. I probably had 10 people and now I have 1500 people who want to attend my class!” he said.

“It makes me really proud and I feel very fortunate and blessed to have so many supporters.”

Éminence’s efforts in education have been recognised in the last 4 years with the prestigious ‘Best Educators Award’ from American Spa. Moving forward, the organic brand will continue to excel in their dedication to inform aestheticians on the benefits of organic skincare, new trends and proven techniques.

Watch this video for a recap of the event:

For more information on Éminence visit www.eminenceorganics.com.au

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