Amy Jean to Take Laser Tattoo Removal to New, Luxurious Ground

Amy Jean has announced she will offer laser tattoo removal, also known as laser lightening for the first time.

The Australian brow artist is considered a hero of her craft with a career spanning two decades. Amy counts celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Rita Ora as clients.

Quanta System Discovery Pico – which is distributed in Australia by Aussie Medi Tech – will be used to conduct the treatment. The system contains a fractional handpiece to promote healing.

The device utilises picosecond engineering to ‘shatter’ unwanted tattoo pigment. Pigment is then expelled through the body’s natural lymphatic system without harming the surrounding hair and skin tissue.

Ultra-short pulses make for ‘a highly potent and precise photo-acoustic effect’, the Amy Jean team noted in a press statement.

Amy expressed her desire to offer laser lightening to Professional Beauty because demand has reached an all-time high. She credited its uptake to the rise in cosmetic tattooing services made available in the last few decades.

“I noticed picosecond laser tattoo removal technology wasn’t yet being utilised by brow experts who are dedicated to the craft” Amy Jean says.

Laser lightening is designed to remove, lighten or tone an existing brow tattoo in a safe and non-invasive manner. The ideal client is someone who is looking to lighten the shade of their tattooed brows without altogether eliminating the pigment.

One treatment course runs for 30 minutes, and clients are recommended to undergo 1-3 sessions to gain a maximum result.

Red, green, blue and black undertones are said to be treated effectively.

Amy recommends clients wait at least six weeks before undergoing further tattooing in the treated area.

Amy Jean will charge $495 per session.

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