Cherry Blooms launches new ‘hero’

Five years after launching Cherry Blooms Brush On Fibre Lashes, Brisbane-based entrepreneur Jellaine Dee has launched a new ‘hero’ product  − a matte liquid lip formula that boosts volume and stays on “after three meals”.

Jellaine, the founder and creative director of Cherry Blooms, will be launching the Matte Volumizer collection of 10 lip colours into Australia at this weekend’s Beauty Expo in Sydney.

Containing ultra-pigmented colour, textured powder fillers and active volumising ingredients such as Portulaca Pilosa plant extracts, Matte Volumizer was created for “busy women who need multi-benefit high performance products”.

“I was looking for a long wearing lipstick that stayed on after three meals, that wasn’t drying and also plumped my lips,” said Jellaine.

“It didn’t exist in the market so I decided I would develop it as many women are wanting multi-benefit products.

She said the Volumizer’s three-layer application process is key to its success.

“The first layer acts as a base. The second layer gives you colour that stays on the surface. The third layer acts as a barrier and ensures the colour is long wearing and allows the textured powders to fill the micro wrinkles for a smooth and flawless result.

“The super comfortable creamy texture is non-drying and non-flaky, so you don’t need to touch up during the day making you selfie-ready at all times.”

Jellaine stressed that other matte lip formulas will not produce similar results if applied in three layers as they “create a flaking and drying build-up on the lips”.

Cherry Blooms will donate “part proceeds” from the manufacture of every Matte Volumizer product to grass roots charities and orphanages in the Philippines as part of the company’s #KissPovertyGoodbye campaign.

“There is an epidemic of poverty, child trafficking and homelessness in the Philippines that will take many people, brands, organisations and governments to help solve the issue,” said Jellaine.

“I wanted my brand to make an impact, not just in the beauty world – making women feel beautiful – but also to some of the most disadvantaged people in the world.

“The more successful we are as a brand, the more we can help make a social impact.”

Jellaine is also planning more product launches in the next 18 months.

“We will be concentrating on beauty hero products that have a multi benefit features or are long wearing and contain innovative ingredients that will outperform other products in its category,” she said.

Apart from its internationally successful Brush On Fibre Lashes (currently distributed in the US, Canada and several South American and European Union countries), Cherry Bloom also currently produces a Fiber Brow Kit with Stencils and an Extreme Waterproof Eyeliner.





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