Russian Lashes Are Out as Clients Lean Toward a More Natural Look

Since the pandemic, Australians are working from home, pinching their pennies and going light on their beauty looks more than ever before.

Much like the minimalist makeup movement that’s headlined beauty media of late, a less-is-more approach to our lashes is following suit. 

False and extension lashes have boomed in popularity in the last two decades, becoming a staple offering in beauty salons worldwide. In the last ten years, extensions have most-often been associated with high-impact ‘Russian’ and voluminous lashes. Until recently, client demands have centered around ‘the thicker, the better.’

Pictured above: The ‘Russian’ lash look is no longer the most in-demand lash treatment in salon.

Wispier, natural-looking sets are gaining traction as the go-to look. Lash technicians are able to achieve the look via a Lash Lift, or by the application of finer extensions. Similarly, makeup artists are leaning on individual lashes to enhance a client’s appearance, instead of reaching for an often-time denser strip lash.

For experienced lash technician, Yana Yunusova of Only Lashes Beauty Bar in Caulfield VIC, the current focus on natural, low maintenance lashes comes as no surprise. “I have definitely noticed the shift in lash trends over the last couple of years,” Yana told Professional Beauty. 

She agreed that heavy Russian looks are harder to maintain given the need for constant refills. “It is also hard to keep up with extensions, having a busy lifestyle and trying to find the time for a salon visit that will easily take around two hours.”

Yana specialises in the LVL Lash Lift by Nouveau Lashes, noting that the treatment has remained popular with her clients for many years. “LVL is a high quality treatment” backed by science. She said that due to the formulation’s nourishing, active ingredients, the treatment is both safe and ideal for use when striving to build lash strength and longevity.

“LVL adds length, volume and thickness to the natural lashes as well as providing a deep conditioning effect to the lashes,” Yana explained. “The treatment has a cumulative effect too – the more you do it, the stronger the lashes become, and that’s been proven by many of our customers over the years.”

Lash technicians can get through an LVL treatment, Yana said, in as little as 30-45 minutes and produce results that can last for up to six to eight weeks. “LVL [results in] no damage, no harsh chemicals or nasties.” 

Investing in a lifting system like LVL or the more advanced LVL CERA is set to serve therapists in good stead into the future. “I don’t think lifted lash looks will go out of fashion anytime soon, as [they] make people feel good and, as our customers say, feel confident enough to leave the house without any makeup on.” Yana also expects consumers will continue to spend on lash care serums and other products.

Interest in natural lash treatment offerings is set to stick around long-term. For therapists like Yana, no one lash shape is best. “I know that any lashes can look amazing after the right lash lift,” she said.

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