In Print: Eye Couture Owner Shares Her Story

Brows are one of the biggest and longest-lasting trends in the industry. Once a simple beauty add-on in salons, shaping the perfect arch is now a booming career. Anita Quade chats to Noushin from Eye Couture about her LA training and bringing back natural Microblading.

Tell us what you love most about the brow industry?
“It’s such a fun, creative space. Different strokes for different folks, literally.”

Why do you think it is such big business globally, and how have you seen it evolve? 
“The importance of brows, how it can transform your eyes and face, a gentle eyelift if done correctly has been recognised. It’s captured everyone’s attention globally. We are evolving, thank goodness. A lot of clinics didn’t separate editorial from practical everyday needs of clients. I’ve focused on bringing attention back to that by specialising in natural microblading.”

You originally studied business at university. How to you end up in the brow business? 
“We can’t run from our roots. I studied in France on a scholarship. I was highly pressured to be a good student, but I learnt the art of brow shape by watching my mother in her home studio; it was the cutest set up. I have a creative mind and l have my double degree, but prefer to be in a more creative space.” 

You have said that your mum working in beauty had a big influence on you. Any important memories you can share?
“People would always say ‘she’s got such an eye, she can just tweeze a perfect set’. Mum would say ‘oh no , she’s going to university she’s not interested,’ but she loves my work and is super supportive now.”

You studied the precise technique of microblading in Los Angeles. Tell us about that experience? 
“Go straight to the source if you want to know an industry. The brow game is strong in LA; Beverly Hills is the hub of all aesthetics.  There is so much product and technique knowledge to be gained. I was lucky to live with family and gain work experience in Beverly Hills. Although I frequently travel to LA, that chapter gave me insight into how high my standards should be. I came back to Sydney with a new perspective.”

Have you missed the opportunity to travel during lockdown and learn from other artists? 
“After living in Europe for seven years prior to coming back to Australia, I prioritise travelling. Lockdown was great reflection time on gratitude. I cant wait to head back and see what techniques they’re  up to!”

Noushin from Sydney’s Eye Couture

How does the education for artists differ here in Australia? 
“We need more product knowledge. We need more intense training. That’s why I put together a team including Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Erfan Rahbar in my training program to assist with aesthetics and healing. It shouldn’t be about rolling out students and making a quick buck.”

How do you keep up with the ever changing trends ie: feathering, misting? 
“Stay humble. Stay in touch with overseas artists. Ongoing education is vital at any level.”

What is your personal go-to favourite look
“Gentle colour, soft brown, natural with fluffy shape and depth. “

Any little Noushin blackbook favourite beauty places in Sydney you love to relax and get pampered?
The Rachael Louise Deluxe Facial is one of my favourites and the rooms are spacious , even the wall paper is from Italy, its so nicely done.” 

You have a beautiful space Eye Couture at Rachael Louise MediSpa – how did you choose this? 
“Rachael’s just great to work with in general. I needed a space prior to opening my own creative studio but I’m comfortable there now so who knows how long this chapter will be. Sometimes the shoe just fits.”

What are your plans for 2022? 
“My brow serum launched in 2019. It’s back with a few other products that I’m super excited to share with you.”

Can you give us a heads up on any trends you think will be strong in the brow game this year?
“Natural! Thank goodness. The line between editorial and everyday needs to be more defined by brow artists.”

The article originally ran in the January/February issue of Professional Beauty magazine.

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