This Influential Beauty Therapist Says This Is the Best EyEnvy Replacement

Twelve months ago, Professional Beauty wrote an article on the discontinuation of popular lash and brow growth brand EyEnvy in Australia. That article went on to be read hundreds of times by beauty professionals, proving to have been one of the biggest news stories impacting the industry for 2022.

For former EyEnvy stockists around the country, sourcing a reliable substitute to stock and recommend to clients has been no easy feat. Conversations on the topic continue to ignite in online discussion groups, with beauty therapists are eager to hear feedback from others. 

Despite the myriad of brands in the market promising to lengthen, volumise and increase the health of lash hairs, the success of no one brand or product has so far stood out. 

Tegan MacDonald, founder of TEGANMAC.SKIN in Melbourne is one such therapist who desperately sought a solution for her clients. Tegan recently announced to her 16.5k Instagram and 25.5k TikTok followers that she’d finally found a replacement.

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In a video posted to her Instagram and TikTok feeds, Tegan said she’d spent 18 months on the hunt for an EyEnvy alternative. She told viewers she underwent the product testing process both on her own lashes as well as those of her clients who had used EyEnvy previously. “I was buying lash serums and giving them to my clients for free to test for me so they could give me their feedback,” Tegan shared. Each client was then said to have compared their EyEnvy results to the results of the new products they were trialing.

Tegan admitted she’d “spent thousands of dollars on buying lash serums for people to try” as part of the trial process. She revealed that she knew she’d found a winning product due to the compliments others began passing onto her. “The last few weeks, I’ve finally had people say ‘Are they your lashes?’ ‘Do you have extensions?’ ‘OMG your eyelashes are so long!’,” Tegan said. Tegan also noted that since using the new mystery product for three months, her lashes appeared thick, strong, and that she’d experienced no lash fall out.

The winning replacement? LashFridays Eyelash Serum. Tegan said it’s the product that “gives me the best results that makes me feel like I’m using EyEnvy again.” She also noted in a later Instagram post that LashFridays “doesn’t cause my upper lash line to dark and discolour”, unlike EyEnvy. According to the LashFridays website, this product is vegan, hormone-free, and suitable for use with lash extensions.

Source: Instagram

Despite Tegan’s glowing review, some Instagram commenters noted the product “did nothing for me”, “irritates my eyes”, and that “once you stop using it, your lashes go back to normal”.

You can watch Tegan’s announcement and application advice in full here:

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