Arch Angel moves into lash market

Amy Jean, Australia’s leading eyebrow artist, has moved into the lash market with the launch of a ‘lash elevate’ kit.

Amy Jean, who opened her first brow salon 13 years ago, now has Amy Jean Eye Couture in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast and regularly conducts pop-up salons internationally in luxury hotels like Plaza Athénée in Paris, Dorchester Hotel Spa in London, Bulgari Hotel in Milan and the Plaza Hotel in New York.

Despite this brow-raising success, Amy Jean says she decided to expand into the lash market as there was an obvious need for “something more than just mascara to enhance women’s lashes” and “lash extensions are simply not a suitable option for everyone”.

She says the new kit, which she uses in her own boutiques and is wholesaling to other salons, is “the holy grail of lash treatments” providing “lusciously lifted and curled lashes that are totally low maintenance” – and last for eight to12 weeks.

“The Lash Elevate with Keratin treatment is a game changer particularly for women who lust after darker, longer lashes, but can’t face the high maintenance factor of extensions.

The Lash Elevate Kit with Keratin

“The lifting effect is so powerful, most women are totally awed that their natural lashes could ever have such incredible wow factor, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary – and they wake up every day with lashes that rival a good set of falsies.

“In addition, not only does the treatment tint, lift and curl natural lashes, but the keratin in the final step improves the strength and health of the lashes at the same time.”

According to Amy Jean, whose celebrity clients includes Delta Goodrem, Dannii Minogue and Chloe Morello, the kit is the first Australian-owned Keratin Lash Lift system although the treatment originated in Korea where “the Asian market wanted a solution to their typically straight or downward-facing lash growth”.

“Keratin is a natural protein that helps injured cells to repair and grow, so it has the power to create stronger, healthier lashes with regular use,” says Amy Jean.

Packaged in a display box, The Lash Elevate with Keratin kit contains perming solution, setting solution, nourishing oil, bonding agent, 4 different sized moulds, keratin strengthening solution and five lint-free eye pads, and wholesales for $135.

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