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Late last year renowned Australian makeup artist Christina Sikalias launched her first beauty brand Christina Sikalias Beauty. She is kicking off with an evocatively titled collection Luce Del Sole – inspired by rippling waters of the Cinque Terre beaches in Italy. The Melbourne-born MUA is a multiple award winner and has worked in New York and LA and even sat on the NYX Awards judging panel. Christina also runs the largest live Makeup Masterclasses in Australia.

We spoke to Christina about the inspiration behind her brand.

Can you tell us about your career prior to launching Luce Del Sole?

“In 2011, prior to working in the makeup industry, I was a dental nurse. After working as a dental nurse for four years, I fostered a passion and desire to express my creativity through makeup artistry. I was always drawn to the fashion and beauty world from a young age – I loved keeping up to date with the trends in magazines, films, and high fashion runways.”

“I began practising makeup on my family and friends and started watching online tutorials to develop my skills. From there, built my makeup kit slowly and began creating looks after work and on weekends. I fell in love with the transformative power of makeup and its ability to bring out natural attributes of the face.”

Christina Sikalias
Christina Sikalias, global MUA and founder of Christina Sikalias beauty.

“My passion continued to evolve and began to gain international recognition. I worked at New York Fashion Week in 2017 and E! Entertainment in LA in 2018. I was nominated Beauty Influencer of the Year in 2020. My desire to share my passion with aspiring makeup artists grew and I began hosting an annual live makeup masterclass to help empower beginner artists and share my knowledge and skills.”

“After many years of artistry, Christina Sikalias Beauty was born. Luce Del Sole is just the cusp of what the brand will offer.”

What’s your number one artistry tip?

“Skincare – it’s so important to look after your skin and use good skincare underneath your makeup. Well-prepped skin before applying makeup will make such a big difference – not only will it give you a smooth base, it will also help your makeup last longer!”

As a beauty professional, what informed your decisions when developing the brand and product?

“With 8 years of experience in the makeup industry, I have had the opportunity to trial and test many beauty products and brands on the market. This has allowed me to become familiar with the formulas and products that work and further my knowledge and understanding of what consumers are looking for in their beauty products.”

“My previous work in Italy alongside many models and exclusive events has provided so much inspiration for me Luce de Sole collection. I strive to redefine perfection in artistry by carefully researching formulas to give the lustrous finish that everyone desires. Each colour and formula took years to create – and this is only the beginning! Get ready for the journey into limitless beauty.”

Christina Sikalias Luce Del Sole collection
The Christina Sikalias Luce Del Sole collection.

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