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Priori is a long-time expert in the Australian professional skincare market. Having originally launched with two products in 2006, it grew to being the leader in the cosmeceutical skincare market over the next 10 years. In 2018 the brand relaunched with a new look, new technologies and new product developments.

Priori offers Adaptive Skincare solutions and understands the intricate communication system of the skin. All Priori products are formulated to read your skin and decode its very specific needs for replenishment, hydration, protection and recovery.

To address these needs, Priori utilises 8 Complexes also known as ‘super hero’ ingredients to give superior results and increase its adaptive quality and properties. These complexes are created when a sequence of intelligent ingredients are combined for greater efficacy.

With 22 retail and professional salon-only products and peels Priori is a compact yet efficient range. Training, marketing rebates, sampling and promotions are just some of the features of stocking this range of smart-skincare products.

Here we talk to Dawn Turner, sales director and partner from Priori about how the brand has evolved and what continues to motivate and inspire her after 25 years in the industry.

Tell us about yourself Dawn.

“I have been in the beauty industry for 25 years, working on all aspects, from salon management, product sales representative, attaining my Aestheticians license, opening a skincare practice to now becoming a partner in Priori Skincare! I love working with clients, sharing stories, enjoying the beautiful outdoors, cooking with my family and friends and also love a little shopping too!”

How long have you been working with Priori and what’s your role in the business?

“I’ve been working with the Priori brand since 2008 and I’m now a sales director/partner.”

Tell us about Priori and what’s happened since the relaunch 18 months ago.

“We have really modernised the brand so it speaks to all skin, all lifestyles, variable age ranges, offering skincare that goes from protection to correction!  With Priori your skin meets its cellular match.”

How does Priori support their salon partners? 

“Partnership is the first thing I discuss when opening a new account, we want to exceed their expectations by giving them the tools to be successful such as, education, launch events, advertising, public relations, testers and sampling programs. We are always striving to bring the best technology to the market, giving our clients the edge with result driven products. In Australia this month, Priori have launched their biggest consumer advertising campaign with their salon partners on leading digital platform Gritty Pretty – called the #21DayTurnaround. This gives salon partners the opportunity to offer their clients a kit of products that deliver clinically proven results in just 21 days! The salon can then add on in-salon peel treatments to boost the results further. There’s amazing content on Gritty Pretty featuring a trial team of four every day consumers who formed part of the campaign – the results are amazing!”

Is Priori for everyone or does it cater for a specific segment of the market?

“I always say ‘Priori is for anyone with skin’. So yes there is something for everyone. Priori is your cellular match, which means it’s a personalised answer to what your skin needs. In other words, Priori gives the cells what they need to function as a healthy cell for repair and protection across all categories, from our Mineral Skincare with Zinc, Titanium, SPF, coverage, correction, protection to our recently launched Triple Turmeric Complex range of ‘clean and natural beauty’ products to our LCA fx160 2xFoliant Peel + Scrub for the ultimate at-home microderm effect!”

How does Priori compare with other skincare brands in terms of technology?

“Priori is rooted in skin science and is clinically proven to achieve results! We trial the products, not just a select ingredient. We use proprietary complexes that are combinations of super hero ingredients to create products that are so multi-functional they allow your skin to take what it needs – when it needs it – for a truly personalised answer. This is a brand new clinically proven approach to skincare!”

Priori offers an Adaptive Treatment menu. Tell us how this works?

“All Priori treatments are Adaptive and offer results-oriented solutions especially designed to adapt to the specific skincare needs in a time-efficient manner. The client chooses their treatment time (15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes) and then the therapist chooses the best treatment for the client. It’s a new approach to skincare treatments understanding that clients are often restricted by time – our Adaptive Treatment Menu means that the client gets maximum results in the time they have put aside. It’s perfect for the time conscious – results hungry client!”

What’s on the horizon in terms of product development for the next 12 months?

“Stay tuned! Right now we are hard at work to bring you some additional over-achievers that will take skin to the next level! The new products are based on Nobel Prize Winning DNA repair enzymes – the ultimate in skin recovery.”

What’s been the biggest lesson learnt in working in the skincare industry? 

“Staying current with trends and continuous education.”

Any advice for a therapist starting out in their first business?

“Be true to your word, share your passion, embrace the journey and build relationships.”

Lastly, what inspires you personally in business?

“So much inspires me about this industry – especially the friendships I have built along the way! I have worked with many of my clients for years, through happy times and some heartaches – we go through them together, it really builds a bond – we then add in a little Triple Turmeric Tightening Eye Serum, a smile, a hug and we share the passion with those in our path!”

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