5 Minutes with Mandy Gray

Founder of True Solutions International and known pioneer in the skincare industry, Professional Beauty chats to Mandy Gray about the shape of our industry and her involvement with PB Innovation Forum.


Mandy Gray will be a headline speaker at the Professional Beauty Innovation Forum. She will be sharing her business knowledge, in-depth industry insights and be presenting on Omnilux technology. The Innovation Forum will be held on the 10th of April at The Royal Exchange.

Mandy Gray is a visionary in the Australian beauty industry. As the owner of True Solutions International, Mandy has been involved in the beauty industry for over thirty years. Her company distributes some of the world’s very best skincare lines. She has selected to market the best anti-ageing cosmeceutical skincare brands as well as the best in aromatherapy and light therapy. She travels internationally and is on the pulse of the latest products and global trends.

One of the reasons Gray’s business has been so successful is that she genuinely is interested in the growth and development of her salon partners. She invests time and money educating salons about how to increase their bottom line and also how to better manage their client’s skin concerns.

What will you be doing at the PB Innovation forum? What are you most excited about?

At the Innovation Forum I will be talking about light therapies and the future of this exciting treatment modality that attracts more clients, more often and delivers outstanding results. I’m incredibly excited about light therapies, the treatments are atraumatic, not painful or risky, yet give exceptional results for anti-ageing and also for acne. I’ll be giving a demonstration on how easy Omnilux is to use and operate and will also discuss the future of devices within the salon market. I’ll also share with you why this is Kerri-Anne Kennerley secret for anti-ageing!


What are you most passionate about in the skincare and beauty industry?

I continue to be passionate about helping people look younger, and offering products and treatments that give a more even complexion and also to help those with acne prone skins. By giving therapists products and options like Light Therapy they can make a difference to their clients skin. The differences are not only physical to the person, but also emotional and provide a sense of well-being.

Where do you see the industry heading in the next few years?

The salon industry is becoming more aligned with the medical industry which will bring with it some confusion about what equipment, what products and what devices and treatments should be offered by the therapists. It’s an exciting time for salon owners but they need to make informed choices and offer their clients treatments and products that offer outstanding results and are clinically proven. Omnilux is referred to as the ‘gold-standard’ of LED Light Therapy due to its clinically proven results that are backed up by over 40 medical papers. Consumers are looking for products that offer noticeable results but also those products that are risk free – procedures will rule for clients.

What is next for True Solutions?

The future is bright for True Solutions. Later this year we will be bringing in new technologies, improved technologies for existing brands in our portfolio and game-changing products that give better results, faster and safer than ever before! I’m excited about the next six months for our business.

For more information visit http://www.professionalbeauty.com.au/innovation-forum/

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