11 Struggles Only Waxers Understand

Wax on, wax off.

Wax, wax everywhere. These are the problems only waxing professionals understand…

1. Wax  stickies up your entire life. There is literally no crevice you haven’t gotten it stuck in.

2. Your clients aren’t always the most appreciative people.

3. The injustice you feel at being paid the same rate, no matter how much hair you remove.

4. You’ve been unnecessarily insulted with more nudity than you care to admit by clients who don’t understand the words: ‘Please remove just your shirt and get under the towel.’

5. You’ve seen things come out of people’s bodies that no one should see. Ever.

6. The sound of wax ripping away someone’s hair by the roots  literally makes you tingle with delight and satisfaction.

7. You’ve learned not to expect your office trash bin to look like this:

Source: kickstarter.com
Source: kickstarter.com

8. And instead find it normal to look like this:

9. Body odour is the bane of your existence.

10. You often have the urge to offer your services pro bono when you see someone on the street with a bad case of monobrow.

11. And all the cons of your job suddenly become worth it when a client shows up for a chest wax looking like this:

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