Biossance brand ambassador Jonathan Van Ness

Biossance has launched an online academy to educate consumers about ‘clean beauty’.

According to the brand, which landed in Sephora Australia last month, the Clean Beauty Academy will educate consumers with “an interactive curriculum of fun and engaging video content, experiential events and a passionate community of industry experts”.

Led by Biossance brand ambassador Jonathan Van Ness, “television personality, podcaster, comedian and beauty expert to the stars”, The Clean Academy will “simplify complex concepts and ingredients so that everyone has the power to make smart choices no matter where they are on their clean beauty journey”.

Biossance president Catherine Gore said the Academy is the modern expression of the brand’s leadership in the clean beauty space.

“Biossance, has set the global standard for clean beauty by creating clinically proven, effective products made from vegan, cruelty-free ingredients and packaging which are safe and sustainably sourced,” she said.

“We’ve now put our focus on creating fact-based content that cuts through the jargon and addresses the biggest questions and concerns voiced by consumers in a rapidly growing – and increasingly complex – segment of the beauty industry,” she said.

“It’s about helping them [consumers] make better, cleaner choices for their best skin that still fit their lifestyle.”

Van Ness, who took on the brand ambassadorship in June, said the Academy will empower consumers.

“I’ve always loved Biossance for their sustainability and how gorgeous their products made me and my skin feel and look, but this initiative took it to the next level for me” he said.

“Clean Academy is a great resource for the clean beauty community to separate fact from fiction.”

The Academy will “continuously update content to address new developments in ingredients, clarify terminology and provide actionable advice for going greener in every area of life” and will also “come to life in the coming months through community-driven events, social content and exclusive perks”.

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