Discover SkinGen: A Webinar with Mediha Zeeshan

Discover SkinGen: A Webinar with Mediha Zeeshan

Discover SkinGen, a groundbreaking cosmeceutical transdermal line that boasts the highest concentration of potent ingredients available. At the forefront of innovation, SkinGen presents the market’s most elevated levels of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Niacinamide, and Hyaluronic Acid.

SkinGen results-driven product line is dedicated to addressing an array of skin concerns. The Australian-owned brand’s comprehensive approach encompasses options for conditions like rosacea, acne rosacea, hyperpigmentation, mature skin, dehydration, and more. Notably, SkinGen offers an effective solution for combating acne, catering even to the challenges of cystic acne.

Central to SkinGen’s success is its unique liposomatic ingredient delivery system. Here, distinct liposomes retain a presence on the skin’s surface, while others, differing in molecular structure, delve deep into the dermal layers. This orchestrated approach guarantees controlled and precise ingredient dispersion across all necessary skin levels for an effective treatment. Inclusive by design, SkinGen’s range accommodates both manual application and technology-assisted methods, all while upholding cruelty-free principles.

SkinGen operates without the constraints of preset opening orders for stockists, allowing for orders of any size. There are no ongoing commitments, meanig stockists have the autonomy to incorporate just a single product or embark on a more comprehensive journey. SkinGen also provides on-site training and continuous support, ensuring your success.

Join Founder of SkinGen and Managing Director at Esthetica Academy, Mediha Zeeshan alongside Professional Beauty’s Online Editor, Hannah for an exclusive webinar. Learn more on the Australian brand and what to expect as an incoming stockist here:


For more information on SkinGen and Esthetica Academy, call 1300 624 703.

This webinar was produced in partnership with Esthetica Academy.

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