Comedian Amy Schumer’s hilarious and clever spoof video about wearing makeup has gone viral this week, for good reason.

It’s the one sentence guaranteed to make every makeup artist roll their eyes.

“Women look better without makeup on, I prefer the natural look.”

(Insert frustrated “Pfft. Yeah right.” here)

As every makeup professional knows, there are few men in this world who truly understand what wearing makeup actually entails, and what they really mean by statements like this is the far more accurate, “I prefer it when it looks like women aren’t wearing makeup”, because as we are all acutely aware, there is typically a swag of products involved in pulling off a ‘natural’ look that appears to be makeup free.

So in realising this perpetual struggle, comedian Amy Schumer put together a hilariously clever and on point video on exactly how annoying the statement, “Girl you don’t need makeup” can be.

In the video, which has already had almost half a million views in less than two days, a boy group eerily similar to One Direction sing to the comedian, begging her to do away with all the products she beautifies her face with, but when she takes heed of their advice, the boys are quick to nudge her to put it back on, singing, “You’ll be the hottest girl in the nation, with just a touch of foundation.”

Indeed, Schumer artfully proves an important point about makeup that many of the men in our lives could do with taking note of.

So beauty professionals, on behalf of all makeup-loving womankind, please share this with as many men as you can, in a bid to end the fight for our right to contour.


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