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With the Australian government estimating that close to a million Australians will be out of work due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a new job hiring platform has launched at the right time.

WeployConnect has been created by existing on-demand job hiring platform Weploy, and is aimed specifically at finding employment for those who lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

WeployConnect is being offered as a free service for both jobseekers and employers, and has put forward a challenge to the community: to help them hire 1,000 people in 10 days.

Weploy CEO Tony Wu said that in these times, it’s important to focus on people rather than profits. “Humans helping humans is what’s most important during times like these,” Tony said. “COVID-19 has forced a large portion of Weploy’s employer base to make heart-breaking decisions to stand-down or let go of staff, and we felt there was an opportunity to provide some form of relief.”

By repurposing their existing tech, WeployConnect has the ability to match jobseekers with suitable employers, quickly and without cost to either party. “We strongly believe now is not the time to focus on profit, but rather stepping up and doing what we can to help Australians get through this stressful time,” Tony said.

Tony said that despite the JobKeeper and Job Skeekler payments, many Australians would not be eligible for the packages, and as such, would need to be employed in paid work as soon as possible. “Stimulus packages are important, and Australia has set the bar globally,” Tony said. “However, for many it won’t be enough. We need to think of alternative ways to support Australians, but also provide opportunities to engage in meaningful work, particularly with higher levels of stress and anxiety associated with isolation and crises.”

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