The 10 Benefits of Introducing Non-Surgical Lipo Into Your Salon

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Your clients are probably coming to you with a dilemma as old as cosmetic surgery itself – how to shed centimetres without going under the knife?


Clients want to lose centimetres immediately, easily and without scary words like ‘laser’, ‘cutting’ and ‘surgery’ thrown into the mix – and it’s your job as professionals to cater to these demands.

The answer comes in the form of the latest in non-surgical body contouring technologies – 3D Lipo is a non-invasive, high tech answer to your clients’ queries, and a lucrative option for your business.

Not convinced? Here’s 10 reasons you should consider introducing 3D Lipo into your salon

1. It’s multifunctional

3D Lipo consists of four main treatment options. Cavitation, which is a painless ultrasound that breaks down fat cell membrane, Cryolipolysis which uses a fat freezing technology to kill 20 to 40 per cent of fat cells in a given area, Radio Frequency which stimulates collagen and elastin to tighten the skin, and finally 3D Dermology, an automated vaccum device that accelerates results

2. It’s quick

A session in the salon chair will take about 45 minutes – meaning your clients can jet in between appointments and you can have a revolving door of clients coming in and out of the salon.

3. It’s comprehensive

Aside from just offering non-surgical fat reduction, 3D Lipo also tightens the skin through radio frequency, and helps to diminish the appearance of cellulite, providing an all-in-one solution to your clients’ concerns.

4. It’s medically endorsed

Doctors and cosmetic physicians around the world have thrown their weight (pun intended) behind the machine, with the most notable ambassador being Dr Leah Totton, Winner of the 9th season of the UK’s Celebrity Apprentice. Dr Totton swayed viewers and has since showcased the benefits of the machine to media such as The Daily Star, heightening 3D Lipo’s popularity across the pond.


“This multi-platform technology offers a powerful non-surgical alternative to liposuction with the addition of skin tightening and cellulite reduction modalities,” Dr Totton said. “I’m so proud to be able to offer my clients the very latest result driven technology.”

5. It’s immediate

With the Cavitation treatment, clients will shed centimetres immediately after the fact, meaning you can impress them simply by measuring them before and after the treatment. However, more treatments obviously garner the best results, with six treatments roughly equating to six months of working out. This equals more long-term business for your salon.

6. It can be used for both body and face

The machine can be used to target your clients’ concerns around the body and face – everything from tighter stomachs to more refined jawlines can be achieved with the Radio Frequency treatment and skin tightening technology.

7. It’s painless

We like to think you care about your clients, and want them to achieve their cosmetic goals without suffering. The process feels, at best, like a massage, and, at worst, like an unusual massage – your clients won’t be scared away.

8. There are no after-effects

Scarring and pain after the fact are the inevitable consequences of invasive lipo, while 3D Lipo spares clients’ skin from unsightly scars and can have them at their next business meeting within the hour. Clients aren’t even required to exercise post-treatment!

9. It’s prescriptive to your clients’ needs

Start your clients with a consultation to explain the process to them in full – the versatility of the machine means their specific needs can be met, with different technologies combined to leave your clients feeling satisfied.

10. It’s lucrative

Clients will dole out for a painless, effective and quick weight loss method (who can blame them?), with most paying hundreds of dollars for a single session. With the best results coming in multiple treatment plans, well, you do the math. Understandably, 3D Lipo claims up to a 1000 per cent profit margin per treatment.

The demand for quick-fix weight loss is high, but you won’t have to head to medical school to appease your clients. We tend to favour any weight loss plan that allows us to leave the knives alone.

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