Taking the art of tanning back to the salon, with St.Tropez

Sponsored: With one St.Tropez spray tan performed every minute and one St.Tropez product sold every fifteen seconds, St.Tropez are proud to be the global tanning brand chosen by professionals, celebrities and beauty editors alike.

St.Tropez backstage at We Are Handsome

With unrivalled press acclaim and industry accolades, industry leaders St.Tropez are taking tanning back to the salon with a refocused professional strategy and long-term plan that will take the brand to the top.

With distributor Marque of Brands taking on the exclusive rights of St.Tropez Professional in 2013, the presence of the brand has been unstoppable. The combination of St.Tropez’ elite portfolio of products with comprehensive sales, marketing, education and training has ensured St.Tropez are giving the professional market the A-list support to drive customers into salons and maximise sales and return.

Skin Finishing Expert Michael Brown with models
Skin Finishing Expert Michael Brown with models

St.Tropez Marketing and Communications Manager Kate Horsfall says, “We want to take St.Tropez back to where it first began – in the salon. The market is demanding products with innovative formulas, cutting edge technology and quality training, and St.Tropez can deliever that”. With the launch of the salon exclusive St.Tropez Express Tan with 1-3 hour developing time and the latest St.Tropez branded skin-finishing tools, St.Tropez are well and truly showing their investment in the professional market.

We Are Handsome models in St.Tropez tan
We Are Handsome models in St.Tropez tan

Of the brands reinvestment into the professional market Horsfall comments “we want to provide businesses with high quality products from the experts that they can trust, and assets to support their business growth”, which can be evidenced in the exclusive St.Tropez Skin Finishing Suite at Melbourne’s prestige Miss Fox Salon. Of what the partnership and suite mean to her business, salon owner Victoria Fox remarks, “the St.Tropez Skin Finishing Suite provides an ultra luxurious service for our Melbourne clients and VIPs. Our private suite is the only one of it’s kind. It’s a place for women to relax and unwind with a glass of champagne while receiving a premium treatment, which ties in perfectly with the exclusivity of the St.Tropez brand”.

ST_SkinFinishingTools ST at MBFW Alex Perry 001
Left: St.Tropez Skin Finishing Tools, right: St.Tropez for Alex Perry

Supported by the global resources of industry giant PZ Cussons Beauty, St.Tropez have named the worlds most famous fashion and beauty icon Kate Moss as the official face and body of the brand, propelling them onto front page news. With the supermodel proclaiming, “I’m so excited to be working with St.Tropez. I always feel more confident with a St.Tropez Tan”, the brands first ever global advertising campaign attracted unrivalled attention and credibility internationally. Working with industry heavy weights Nichola Joss, Sam McKnight and Val Garland the campaign resonated with both the professional industry and the consumer alike. Signing a two-year contract, Moss continues to drape her bronzed body from the covers of Vogue to Playboy, teasing, “I’m never naked without St. Tropez”, giving the brand her priceless stamp of approval.

Boasting the likes of Nichola Joss and Jules Heptonstall in the UK and Fiona Locke in the US, St.Tropez Australia has taken the opportunity to create an esteemed ‘Tanning Team’ of their own. Studying under the private tutelage of Heptonstall, leading Australian makeup artists Michael Brown, Rachael Brook and Brooke O’Brien underwent training in ‘the St.Tropez way’. Gaining invaluable one-to-one advice and guidance, the tanning trio have set upon MBFWA 2014, countless editorial shoots and celebrity clientele, taking St.Tropez tan to the bodies of the Aussie A-list. Of working with St.Tropez, expert Michael Brown remarks, “Working with such a well known, highly regarded and global brand seemed the perfect fit for me. I only align myself with luxury brands and products that I can trust to deliver excellence for my clients, and St.Tropez is just that.”

St.Tropez for Alex Perry
St.Tropez for Alex Perry

Showing their support for Australian designers and the industry at large, St.Tropez joined the fashion elite at MBFWA 2014, marking over 10 years of involvement in the shows. Joining forces with Alex Perry, ELLERY and We Are Handsome, St.Tropez brought the art of skin finishing to some of the most talked about shows of the season. “I am so excited to be working with St.Tropez again for MBFWA 2014. We have been partnering for years now and I just love the brand, their vision and the results from their product” said designer Kym Ellery. Showing their faith in the brand, Alex Perry commented “it was really important for the collection that the models had beautifully sun kissed, glossy, luminous skin and the only way to achieve that is with a St.Tropez tan”, while We Are Handsome designer Jeremy Somers commented “We Are Handsome and St.Tropez share the same vision and St.Tropez are the leaders in helping us get the healthy, bronzed, natural look we need”, making St.Tropez the number one choice at Fashion Week.

From the runway to the red carpet, each year The TV Week Logie Awards, Spring Racing Carnival and AFL Brownlow see a slew of Australian celebrities shimmer and shine thanks to St. Tropez. From beauty-guru and funny- girl Zoe Foster, Neighbours screen siren Saskia Hample and Home & Away sweetie Demi Hanlon to news desk darlings Tara Brown and Lisa Wilkinson, St. Tropez maintains a continuous presence on the skin of celebrities for all the premiere events. Continuing the A-list treatment, St.Tropez joined Channel 7’s Dancing With The Stars and Celebrity Splash, providing professional tans for performers each week, making St.Tropez the trusted brand on the silver screen.

Taking the world of tanning into the online space, 2014 saw St.Tropez roll out a comprehensive digital strategy, upgrading the local website, introducing an ecommerce platform and launching localised social media channels. The complete digital overhaul has been designed to maximise customers experience with the brand, extending interaction from the store and salons into the digital sphere, allowing a whole new level of engagement between St.Tropez and their clients.

Established as a hub to service both the retail and professional markets alike, www.sttropeztan.com.au provides an official brand platform for distribution and customer care, a portal for education and a platform to share media coverage, blogs, how-to’s and tanning tips. Complimenting the new website, St Tropez’s localised Instagram and Facebook pages allow the brand to engage directly with their customers, delivering educational, inspirational and engaging content with a local and timely edge. With a triple figure increase during MBFW 2014 and continued engagement and increased following since, St Tropez’ online pages have seen community loyalty and reach of new audiences continuing to grow and flourish. “We already have a cult following, but it’s time for St.Tropez to take the salon market to the next level and reclaim our #1 position”, says Horsfall. With a long-term professional strategy in place which focuses on innovative product development, exemplary service and new creative sales channels, there’s no doubt that the St.Tropez brand is making its mark.

St. Tropez is available from Marque Of Brands, call 1300 819 331 or for more information visit www.sttropezprofessional.com.au.

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