Selectif hair removal has arrived in Australia

Selectif claims to be the only salon device in the world that can permanently remove every hair colour on any coloured skin, pain-free.

The ultrasound-based hair removal solution is said to be the first of its kind to remove white, grey, red and blonde hairs, opening up new possibilities for beauty professionals.

“Not only does Selectif ultrasound offer people with light hair the chance to be permanently hair free for the first time, it also complements laser and IPL treatments by removing any vellus hair commonly leftover from the treatments,” says Joel Marshall, Australian distributor of Selectif.

Lighter and thinner hair cannot hold down the heat from laser and IPL treatments, which is required to kill the re-growing hairs.

By using an ultrasonic head, Selectif channels the ultrasound energy precisely to the hair bulb, where the energy is then converted into heat. As a result, temperature at the root of the hair rapidly increases to a level that causes long-term damage to the hair’s re-growth mechanisms. The hair treated will eventually fall out or it can be waxed or plucked out post treatment.

“Selectif’s tweezer-like design is ideal for treating small areas such as the lip, chin or ears,” says Joel.

Although Selectif is designed to eliminate each hair individually, it can treat up to 300 hairs every 15 minutes.

“For the most effective results, hair must be at least 3 to 4mm long so the treatment tips can ‘grab’ the hairs. Anywhere between four to ten treatments are required for optimum results depending entirely on the individual and the coarseness of their hair,” says Joel.

Treatments need to be three to four weeks apart.

Unless requested, beauty professionals using Selectif do not need to pluck hairs out of the skin. This allows for a complete pain and heat free treatment of sensitive areas including underarms, bikini line, ear, nose, cheek and nipple hair as well as eyebrow contouring.

Selectif claims that the treatments are safe and free of side effects such as irritation or red skin.

The Selectif machine, which has taken European beauticians and cosmetic surgeries by storm, is compact in design. “The lightweight and stylish machine has also been purchased by hairdressing salons for beauticians to perform pain free hair removal treatments on clients while their hair colour is setting,” says Joel. “It is important for beauty professionals to be up to date with the latest technologies and Selectif is it!”

All laser and IPL trained professionals can perform Selectif hair removal treatments.

The Selectif machine costs $18,000 plus GST for beauty professionals to purchase. The recommended retail price is $75 for a 15 minute treatment.

Contact: Selectif 1300 668 755.


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