NSW, VIC, ACT Mask Mandates Set to Relax

Mask mandates in New South Wales, Victoria and The Australian Capital Territory are set to relax, following the easing of check-in requirements and density limits last week. From 11:59pm (6:00pm in the ACT) Friday 25th February, individuals in these states will no longer be required to wear a mask in most indoor settings. Professional Beauty understands this rule change includes public beauty salons.

Masks will continue to be required for those traveling on public transport, planes, in age-care facilities, and in various settings where healthcare is provided. Masks will continue to be worn in VIC and ACT schools.

According to government website HealthDirect, mask wearing in NSW and the ACT is only encouraged in indoor settings “where you cannot maintain a safe distance from others, and for customer-facing retail staff to protect vulnerable people who must access these premises and services.” Where it may be appropriate for select public-facing staff to wear a mask, changes to these rules may apply in accordance with the relevant government agencies.

In NSW, the new guidelines fall in line with the State Government’s “staged and flexible approach to the easing of restrictions”. Premier Dominic Perrottet told the media on Tuesday: “we don’t want restrictions in place for any longer than necessary and with hospitalisation and ICU rates trending downwards now is the right time to make sensible changes.”

The Victorian Government is due to roll out a near-identical approach, whereby mask requirements in most indoor settings will ease, where mask wearing will become a recommendation only for workers serving the public.

Mask mandates are set to change for other Australian states from March.

For more COVID-related information according to your state, please access the following resources:

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Australian Capital Territory

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