Maria Taormina, co-owner of The Beauty Room, shares her experience in using the Lutronic Healite II, distributed by Advanced Cosmeceuticals


Why did you select the technology in your salon over any other?

After trialing several LED machines we decided to go with the Healite II based on the proven results and after consulting with reputable salons already using the machine.

As a salon owner and therapist, we were sold on the ease of use and that you can work multi- heads without the need to physically change the head, and also the use of pre programmed nano metered wavelengths.

How much did the local demographic influence your equipment offering?

Both our salons are located close to the centre of Sydney’s CBD. Our clientele expect and demand the very latest technology which will provide spectacular results in a minimum of time.

Do you need to promote the technology in your salon beyond your skincare offering?

Word of mouth is our most effective way of promotion when it comes to this equipment, but to ensure maximum exposure to our client base we offer internal database marketing and follow this up with advertising in local media.

What is the most positive client feedback you have received since incorporating the equipment into your salon?

We have so many clients telling us how Healite II has really changed their perspective on using professional skincare and achieving real results by incorporating this important technology into their regular regime.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing salons in the equipment sector?

Staying on top of your game by seeking out what really works versus the many fad bits of equipment that are introduced into our industry every other month. Our clients expect the best and latest technology that gives proven and visible results.


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