How To Get Your Clients To Calm The Hell Down

And not lose the plot yourself in the process…


In our frantic dash to have it all, no matter what the cost to our sanity or quality of life, the word ‘busy’ has never carried with it more weight or status. The very utterance of the phrase, “I’m just so under the pump” has become akin to flashing a designer bag or high-powered car. After all, busy, over-scheduled people are important people in a society obsessed with running on adrenaline 24/7.

Is it any wonder then that the average salon client is a walking, talking ball of stress, or that wellness and relaxation focused treatments are becoming king?


So with as little as half an hour to help most clients leave the realm of losing-it land, using products with maximum calming impact has never been more important. And while a luscious body cream or wrap can certainly help ease your client’s woes, the fastest and most effective way to get your loyal stresshead to calm the hell down is by appealing to their sense of smell, with oils and elixirs designed to truly get them blissed out.

Studies have shown our connection to certain scents is so strong that we’re likely to remember a smell up to a year after encountering it. And if your client is PMS-ing hard, it’s even better news: female clients have been shown to possess a more heightened sense of smell than men, which interestingly peaks in the first half of the menstrual cycle.

Right on the nose

When you’re selecting products for a relaxation focused treatment, opt for stress-targeting massage oils and face masks, which are designed to not only get your client feeling calmer through the power of the right de-stressing scent combination, but also through targeted ingredients for easing tension and revitalising tired skin.

Your de-stressing tool kit

Here’s our pick of the latest crop of stress-fixing products on the market.

Photography: Brandee Meier
Photography: Brandee Meier


1. BCL Organic Experience Massage Oil. Contact BLC Cosmetics (02) 9430 2200. 2. OmVeda Honey Sandalwood Moisturiser. Contact OmVeda 1300 662 383. 3. Aveda Stress-Fix Crème Cleansing Oil. Contact Aveda 1800 706 377. 4. Elemis De-Stress Massage Oil. Contact Brand Point (07) 5564 6767. 5. Mesoestetic Anti-Stress Face Mask. Contact Advanced Cosmeceuticals 1800 242 011. 6. The Aromatherapy Co. Body & Bath Oil. Contact Star Products 1800 104 029.  7. Babor Relaxing Lavender Mint Calming Body Butter. Contact Babor 1800 139 139. 8. Sothys Nourishing Body Elixir. Contact Sothys 1800 816 599.


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