Hahana releases training DVD pack and music CD

Hahana Stone Massage has released the Hahana Practical Training DVD. The DVD is coupled with the Hahana Stone Massage Training Manual, available for the first time independent of training, to create an education pack which Hahana Stone Massage aims to be an invaluable resource for any therapist.

Based on Hahana Stone Massage’s hands-on training, the DVD and manual cover a 90-minute full body massage, and teaches massage, beauty and spa therapists ergonomic Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi techniques that can greatly reduce the pressure placed on the hands and wrists.

Hahana Stone Massage Founder and Training Facilitator, Philip Cook, said:

“We have released the DVD for two main reasons. Firstly, as a training tool for our past and future students, so that they can go over our unique techniques and sequence in their own time. Our hands-on training is quite intensive, and the addition of our new Practical Training DVD will ensure therapists get the most out of this training. Secondly, we weren’t happy with other hot stone massage training DVDs on the market, and therefore haven’t stocked any in the past, as they were often poor quality. Some even showed dangerous techniques. So, at long last we have produced the Hahana Practical Training DVD which meets our own high standards.

“We couldn’t possibly fit our entire training onto the 94 minute DVD, so decided to re-vamp our Training Manual, which now boasts over 190 colour photos, along with detailed written descriptions of each technique, plus all of the theory that wouldn’t fit on the DVD (History & Background, Benefits, Cleaning, etc). By using the Training Manual in combination with the Practical DVD, therapists will gain a thorough understanding of Hahana Stone Massage.”

The company has also released a double CD, entitled A State of Being…

Each CD runs for 60 minutes and features soothing and relaxing ambient soundscapes which have been chosen for the enjoyment of both client and therapist. Either disc can be used on its own for shorter treatments, or played one after the other for longer spa rituals, flowing beautifully into each other.

Cook said that producing the double CD soundtrack, A State of Being…, was a logical decision.

“Having worked for many years in spas and salons, I know how repetitive and monotonous ‘relaxation’ music can be. When I was searching for background music for the DVD, I also had it in my mind that I would like to offer therapists music they could play during treatments that they wouldn’t get sick of.”

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