Here’s How You Can Grow Your Beauty Business Using Government Funding

Madonna Melrose, Director of Melrose International, is on a mission to enlighten the beauty industry on the plethora of untapped government grants available to individuals. Here she shares what every beauty professional needs to know.

From an early career in the beauty industry and growing my own business in Australia and overseas, I realised how integral it was to surround myself with people who not only champion you but who are more than willing to share their knowledge. 

Currently there is a national grant and program pool of over 5,300 different opportunities for all Australian and NFP businesses totalling $AUD99.7 billion. While that is fabulous news, the sad reality is that only 35% is ever granted, leaving 65% of untapped opportunities to assist with growth, research, and export for your business.

“Only 35% [of money] is ever granted, leaving 65% of untapped opportunities to assist with growth, research, and export for your business.”

All beauty industry professionals should be aware of The Export Marketing and Development Grant and The Research and Development Tax Incentive. It may benefit you to know that my team and I to date have assisted over 500 hair and beauty companies in receiving more than $23 million in return for these grants alone.

So, what type of grants are available to the beauty industry, additional to the above?

Being a creative, like many of you, I think outside the box and businesses may not have considered their eligibility when it comes to other opportunities around tourism, sustainability, employment, capital works, manufacturing, female founders, start-ups, and entrepreneur programs and grants, just to name a few. 

There are many advantages to making sure your business is Grant Ready and you have the correct Grant Mindset, as grants are highly competitive, and many have short time frames for submission. Therefore, there are key factors you need to consider and prepare for before you embark on the grant journey. 

Melrose International are grant specialists and strategists, and can not only help find grant opportunities for you, but can assist you to clearly understand the grant landscape and the intricacies of the application process.

Here are some areas we can educate you on:

  • What funding and grant opportunities are available to explore
  • What you need to know and do to be grant ready
  • How to reset for a grant mindset
  • How best to prepare for an Export Market
  • How your researching and development.

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