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It’s been one year since Dr. Peter Bakaric launched his anti-ageing serum, Seruderm, in response to demands from his clients for a product that would help prolong the results of the cosmetic injectable treatments he delivers. Professional Beauty recently spoke to Dr. Bakaric about Seruderm and its adoption by Australian salons and clinics.

Dr. Peter Bakaric

Today, a growing number of beauty and cosmedical clinics are stocking Seruderm as it also appeals to those clients who are afraid of needles yet still want an anti-ageing result.

Q. Dr Bakaric, why did you develop Seruderm?

A. My patients were constantly asking for a cream they could use in combination with dermal filler and muscle relaxant injection therapy, which my clinic (Collagen Face Centre) in Bondi Junction has specialised in for over 20 years. Seruderm complements these injectable treatments and acts in a very similar way. We have noticed that Seruderm has the added benefit of prolonging the interval between injections.

There is also a percentage of clients who are nervous when it comes to having injections and would like to experience some of the benefits without injection therapy. There is also a dramatic cost saving with Seruderm – one bottle is $149, which provides sufficient product for 2-3 months of application.

Q. How does Seruderm complement your injectables treatments?

A. Seruderm completes the perfect cosmetic medical "arsenal". Seruderm combines the key ingredients used in the majority of dermal fillers currently used globally (hyaluronic acid) and Muscle Relaxant Therapy (Snap 8 which emulates the Botulinum muscle relaxant effect albeit in a more superficial plane.)

Q. Can use of Seruderm replace or slow down the need for cosmetic injections – ie. dermal fillers and wrinkle treatments?

A. Absolutely. While there is a similarity of action between injectables and Seruderm, there are specific and important differences, which benefit each others effects. This can then diminish both the frequency and amount of injectables required, which can allow both a significant cost and saving of time. 

Q. Which skin issues can Seruderm address? How?

A. Seruderm especially targets dehydrated, sun-affected and dynamically-wrinkled skin.
Seruderm combines two of the best available hydrating agents and has combined these with the best muscle relaxant in a topical cream – second only and comparable to dermal fillers and Botulinum Injection therapy.

Q. How quickly can you expect to see results with Seruderm?

A. Typically clients report visible and palpable effects within 5 to 10 days after starting the cream. The cream needs to be applied to clean dry skin, preferably at night time, but the effect can be seen earlier with a twice-daily application.

Q. What results can people expect to see?

A. People will typically notice that the skin feels firmer and tighter, especially around the eye area as this is where the skin is thinner and absorption more rapid. Seruderm is also being increasingly used on the back of the hands and décolletage area where the same benefits can be noticed.

Q. What kind of feedback have you received from people?

A. The feedback has been positive in that effects can be observed quite quickly. The application is simple in that only one serum is necessary rather than a myriad of creams. Cost effectiveness has also been appreciated, and the serum’s texture has been favourably commented on by most users.

Dr. Peter Bakaric will be at the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo this weekend with the team from Sci Gen who will be distributing Seruderm in Australia. If you have any questions, visit them at stand 1320.

What’s more, take advantage of this EXPO special: buy a box of six Seruderm and receive two bottles of Seruderm free.


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