Finding The Right Tune For Your Spa

Music is an essential and integral part of a spa’s atmosphere, it helps to soothe and relax the client. Sean McVitty, a musician from Byron Bay has released two downloadable CDs to make music selection an easy decision.


Selecting the right music is often an area of spa management that is overlooked. The right music can do far more than one can imagine. We are wired by a multi-sensory system, it is imperative that every sensory need is met before we feel relaxed.

Picture this: you slip on the bath-robe, lie down on the treatment bed, close your eyes and inhale the subtle scents of lavender – only to be awakened by the rude chords of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony…

Traditionally, individual tastes dictated the style of music that was played to help the client to relax. However, as the spa market has expanded, there’s been an increase in the market for spa and relaxation music. Although not all of it is objectively good or relaxing, it seems that we have finally moved on from Enya, dophins and the pan flute.

Sean McVitty, an Australian musician from Byron Bay is leading the way for a more modern and layered sounds for the spa environment. Sea has spent the last five years working alongside massage and yoga practitioners to produce musical soundscapes that aid the listener in reaching deeper states of relaxation.

“It’s been quite a journey making music in this way,” said Sean, “there are so many variables but the main thing is that music never dominates, distracts or demands your attention.”

“Much like music for cinema, when it’s composed just right you feel it more than you hear it. My desire has always been to produce the perfect musical environment for healing and total surrender,” he said.

The Byron Bay based musician’s first two albums A Journey Into Bliss and Floating Towards Ecstasy feature the sounds of the violin, Bansuri bamboo flute, acoustic guitar, Brazilian cavaquinho, strings and atmospheres. They are now available on digital download or CD at Spa Sounds.

Not just for the spa goer, these two beautiful, moving and calming albums are also perfect for dinner parties, putting your feet up at the end of the day or anytime you wish to escape the stress of everyday life.

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By Sophia Wang

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