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Iconic consumer beauty brand Elizabeth Arden have moved into the professional specter, with a new range, aptly named Elizabeth Arden PRO, set to revolutionise the cosmeceutical market, writes Nadia Stennett.

Say the name Elizabeth Arden and most people immediately imagine the iconic red door or the brand’s cult Eight Hour Cream, a product most of us have inevitably had rattling around in our handbags at some point.

But something you’re unlikely to hear associated with the name are the words professional and cosmeceutical. Until now, that is.

Thanks to a guy by the name of Joe Lewis and some serious innovation, you’re not likely to think of the name Elizabeth Arden the same way, ever again.

The new Elizabeth Arden PRO range of cosmeceuticals isn’t just about pretty packaging and luxurious formulas. It’s about proven results.

Set to create a new level in skincare performance for salon, spa and medical clinics, the collaborative collection of skincare for prescription facials and peels created by scientist Joe Lewis (the man behind MD Formulations and Priori), the new professional grade brand was created exclusively for professionals and doctors, so you won’t find it in the bottom of anyone’s bag.

Clinicians and therapists can now achieve advanced levels of skin rejuvenation while combating the causes of skin ageing. Think remarkably fresher, more youthful-looking skin with an advanced level of protection designed to help keep it appearing smoother, more supple and beautiful for years to come.

The Research

The Elizabeth Arden PRO skincare line is based on clinical trials and the Skin Health & Beauty Pyramid philosophy, which is a simple educational tool for staff and clients. It addresses the ingredients proven in topical products for optimum skin health and beauty as per the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology March 2014.

The Elizabeth Arden PRO skincare strategy combines high concentrations of active ingredients and addresses key skin concerns in five simple regimens – Problem Prone, Brightening, Age Defying, Hydration and Sensitive. A solution for all skin concerns in an easy to prescribe, uncomplicated to use home care program as well as in clinic and medispa procedures.

New, patent-pending technologies signify the keystone of this line. An AHA Retinoid Conjugate is patent-pending, biologically designed, in a single molecule that helps reduce the irritation and side effects normally associated with retinoids. Plus Allyl PQQ a patent-pending mitochondrial antioxidant complex designed to scavenge free radicals and help promote new healthy mitochondria. These two ingredients will define the next generation of anti-aging skincare.

“With Elizabeth Arden PRO, we have an opportunity to provide therapists and clients with some of our most advanced skincare technology,” says the brains behind the brand, US CosmeceuTechs, LLC’s CEO, Joe Lewis.

“We believe the combination of these technologies offer new and simple solutions for clients’ skin conditions with improved efficacy, reduced irritation and therefore better overall results.”

The pyramid philosophy

All the ingredients in the Skin Health and Beauty Pyramid base are found in one daily use product suitable for most skin types – Triple Action Protector.

These three critical “must have daily” topical skin protection ingredients work by different modes of action to accomplish the most comprehensive needs of skin protection: SPF, Antioxidants and DNA Repair Enzymes. Triple Action Protector sets a new standard in topical skin protection to help prevent future skin damage, as published in the March 2014 edition of the Journal in Drugs in Dermatology and presented at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting in Denver where Dr Robbins credited with the creation of SPF told 8000 dermatologist attendees that Triple Action Protector was a game changer for skin.

The ingredients in the middle of the pyramid are AHAs and Retinoids, these are the “need to have” technologies for skin “transformation”: moisturization, exfoliation and cell turnover to improve the overall skin health and beauty. After nearly 30 years since the introduction of AHAs and Retinoids, there have been no technologies with greater impact for skin transformation. They have been the pillar of skincare for three decades for a reason – they really work.

At the top of the pyramid, ingredients are those which optimize results and include peptides and growth factors.

Changing philosophies

With cosmeceutical grade ingredients and a results oriented program designed by a leading scientist, the greatest challenge for the new brand has been overcoming preconceptions as a retail product, but it’s an ideology that’s slowly starting to change.

“Elizabeth Arden PRO represents our retail and professional cosmeceutical skincare offerings at Adore My Body My Beauty My Skin,” says salon owner, Amanda Bennett.

“Taking on Elizabeth Arden PRO has been very exciting for our business. Our staff and our clients were already familiar with the brand name so they showed interest straight away,” says another salon owner, Jana Emery.

“The range is compact, neat and presents well. The three step regimen appealed to customers and they often walk away with the entire recommended line.”


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