Educator in focus: Linda Sim

The CEO of Niche Education Group shares her take on training the next generation.


What does it mean to be an educator?
Being an educator is about being a leader in the industry and raising the bar to help establish better standards. The field of aesthetics is unique because the industry is mostly self-regulated, which means Educators have an important role to play in demonstrating and teaching safe and effective practices.

Outline the highlights of your education program for the year 2020.
The highlight for 2020 is the launch of the new Graduate Diploma of Dermal Science and the Advanced Diploma of Cosmetic Dermal Science. The new Graduate Diploma of Dermal Science is a nationally accredited postgraduate qualification ideal for candidates wanting to expand their scope of practice in dermal therapies, dermatoscopy and the integration of health and dermatology.
The Advanced Diploma of Dermal Science is a nationally accredited undergraduate qualification. This course is ideal for candidates who prefer a more science-based course with a focus on dermal therapies as opposed to beauty therapy. Both the aforementioned courses are also recognised for laser licensing in WA and QLD.


Linda Sim believes that thorough training is key to developing a strong workforce.


What is the biggest challenge when it comes to education?
The biggest challenge we face in formal, recognised training is the non-assessed training offered by manufactures and suppliers. Informal training generally means that no assessment takes place, so a learner’s competency is never established. The ‘graduate’ may receive a certificate of some description, but it doesn’t mean they are able to safely perform the treatment or use the device.

How do you as an educator keep ahead of the game and up with the latest industry trends?
Conference attendance is extremely valuable when it comes to keeping up with industry trends. Our Course Coordinators are each required to attend one conference per year in addition to one major professional development upgrade.
The most important way to keep ahead is industry feedback and surveys. In 2019, AACDS conducted a large-scale survey of all cosmetic clinics in Australia asking what skills they need graduate dermal therapists and cosmetic nurses to hold. Course content is based on the survey results, so industry is able to recruit AACDS graduates knowing that their scope of practice is aligned with their clinics needs.

How important is it for members of the beauty industry to stay updated and further their education?
The world of aesthetics is highly competitive and being more qualified than your competitor gives you a significant point of difference. Consumers are well aware of issues surrounding the safety of cosmetic procedures and therefore trust between client and therapist is crucial to building a clientele. Holding a formal qualification in dermal science provides instant credibility strengthening the relationship with new and existing clients. Although a formal qualification provides the
strong foundation to aesthetic practice, continuing professional development (CPD) is champion of keeping updated. Most professions require their members to complete a certain number of CPD points per annum, however the beauty industry does not currently require this. Nonetheless, it’s still the therapist’s responsibility to provide a duty of care to their clients and part of this is keeping your knowledge and skills updated. AACDS offers all graduates free membership to Aesthetics CPD for 12 months upon graduating.

Have you had any experiences (work, travel, health, relationships) outside of the beauty industry that you believe makes your training different?
AACDS (as part of Niche Education Group) support The Hunger Project and Niche’s Director April Jorgensen often travels to remote African communities to learn about entrepreneurial businesswomen who’ve been able to end their own hunger and poverty. This unique aspect of the college has strengthened our understanding of the importance of connectedness with our students. If we can connect with amazing women on the other side of the globe, we can achieve better connections with our students in Australia. To do this, we’ve implemented CPD/ networking events in which all current and past students and employers are invited to attend. We showcase specific technology on the evening including live demonstrations. The CPD events provide a great opportunity to online students to meet fellow students and our Trainers and for graduates to meet potential employers.



Training Accreditation
Advanced Diploma of Cosmetic Dermal Science* (undergrad)
Graduate Diploma of Dermal Science* (postgrad)
Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing and Injectables* (postgrad)
Diploma of Personal Care Formulation (undergrad) 

*Also recognised for laser licensing in QLD and WA 

Years in the industry
AACDS have specialised in formal training in dermal science, dermal therapies and cosmetic nursing for over 15 years.

Educational areas of specialty
Laser and light-based therapies for laser licensing requirements
Cosmetic dermatology
Cosmetic injectables
Integration of health and dermatology Providing employment opportunities 


Linda Sim in the CEO of Niche Education Group. Visit

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