Scarring Solutions Using InMODE’s Morpheus8 and Lumecca IPL

Respected medical practitioner Dr Ian Chinsee reveals how Inigo Cosmetic in Brisbane is tapping into the latest scar revision technology with incredible results. By Anita Quade.

Tell us about Inigo Clinic and its specialty services for patients.

“Inígo Cosmetic is Brisbane’s premier cosmetic surgery and medispa clinic located in the heart of the James St precinct, in Brisbane. Our clinics have been thoughtfully designed with our patients in mind. As soon as you step inside, you’ll be enveloped in natural light, comforting textures, and calming music. Your journey only gets better as we lead you down the hallway to our treatment rooms, where we offer a range of body contouring, skin rejuvenation, facial and women’s wellness treatments.

Every journey at Inigo Cosmetic begins with an in-depth skin consultation with one of our experienced practitioners. After a thorough assessment, our practitioners create a tailored treatment plan designed to help our patients achieve their desired outcomes.”

Can you elaborate on your Scar Revision procedures?

“To treat scars, we use a multi-modality approach that involves Morpheus8 and/or Lumecca IPL, depending on the patient’s individual needs and type of scarring. Our approach is highly personalised and we carefully tailor each treatment to address the specific concerns of the patient.

Depending on the presentation of the scar, some patients may require both Morpheus8 and Lumecca, while others may benefit from just one of the modalities.

We used Morpheus8 to revise and remodel the scar tissue to improve its appearance and texture. Generally if the scar presents with pigment or vascular, we incorporate Lumecca IPL into their treatment plan.”

Why are you so well known for this?

“Our clinic has gained a reputation as a leader in Morpheus8 treatments in Queensland, having performed around 600 procedures each year. This is why we are well-known for this particular procedure.

In addition, we specialise in treating surgical scarring.”

You utilise InMode’s Morpheus8 microneedling device. How long have you had this machine in your clinic?

“We have been using Morpheus8 in clinic for approximately three years, primarily for the face to lift, tighten and tone and body for skin laxity, cellulite and stretch marks. In the past 12-18 months, we began incorporating the technology into our surgical scar management protocols.”

How did you choose this piece of equipment?

“To offer our patients the most effective and versatile treatments, we carefully selected the Morpheus8 device. Its unique ability to address a wide range of skin concerns, such as open pores, skin laxity, acne scarring, cellulite, and scarring, makes it a universal solution for our patients.”

What does it offer your clients?

“Morpheus8 has been a game-changer for our practice. Our clients have been very pleased with the non-surgical option that Morpheus8 provides for improving skin laxity, acne scarring, stretch marks, and cellulite. The treatment is quick and efficient, and there is minimal downtime, making it an appealing option for those who want to see noticeable results without undergoing surgery.

Moreover, the holistic approach that Morpheus8 offers to our surgical clients has been a significant benefit to our practice. We can be there for our clients from the start of their journey until the end, providing them with personalised care and attention. Offering scar treatments for surgical scars has also helped increase patient satisfaction, which is always a top priority for us. By providing this technology, we can offer cutting-edge solutions to our clients’ cosmetic concerns and enhance the quality of our services. We are thrilled with the results we have seen so far, and we are confident that Morpheus8 will continue to be a valuable tool in our practice.”

How does it differ from other microneedling devices on the market?

“Morpheus8 is a unique microneedling device that differs from other devices on the market because it combines microneedling with targeted radio-frequency. One of the key advantages of this technology is the ability to treat multiple layers of tissue in one pass. Unlike other devices that are limited to the face, Morpheus8 can be used anywhere on the body that requires treatment, thanks to its ability to penetrate up to treat from 0.5 to 8mm. With different sized tips for the eyes and scarring, face, body, and resurfacing, you can treat different areas of the body and all layers of the skin and tissue.

Another advantage of Morpheus8 is the ability to select your target zone for delivering radio-frequency. Additionally, you can globally treat the area with RF while creating multiple circuits of RF within one pulse.”

“Morpheus8 has been a game-changer for our practice. Our clients have been very pleased with the non-surgical option that Morpheus8 provides for improving skin laxity, acne scarring, stretch marks, and cellulite.”

What are the advantages of collaborating with InMODE?

“Collaborating with InMODE offers a multitude of advantages for cosmetic practices. Firstly, InMODE is a reputable company known for its cutting-edge technologies and innovative approach to the cosmetic industry. Their team of experts is dedicated to providing excellent service, and we have found that nothing is ever too much trouble for them. This level of support is invaluable, particularly for practices that are just starting.

InMODE also provides exceptional training to ensure that all of their technologies are used to their fullest potential. The training programs are comprehensive, and their team goes above and beyond to ensure that all our staff is confident in using the technology. This training not only ensures that our team can provide high-quality services, but it also helps to increase patient satisfaction.”

Can you share with us the advantages of Lumecca IPL?

“Lumecca IPL uses intense pulsed light photo-thermolysis to target specific wavelengths of light that interact with red and brown pigments found in the skin, namely melanin and hemoglobin. The light energy is absorbed by these pigments, causing them to break down and be eliminated. This results in the fragmentation of hyperpigmentation patches, which are then absorbed and removed by the body’s blood and lymphatic system.”

What is it used for?

“IPL is used in our clinic to treat the appearance of age spots, sun damage, rosacea and hyperpigmentation, restoring a clear complexion and rejuvenated skin tone. Lumecca also increases hydration within the skin and stimulates collagen production. However, we also use Lumecca IPL as part of our scar revisions to treat surgical scarring, specifically to reduce the appearance of pigmented or vascular scarring that can be left behind after surgery. The treatment is non-invasive and safe, making it an excellent option for patients who want to improve the appearance of their scars without undergoing secondary surgery.”

Why did you choose this particular device for your clinic?

“We chose the Lumecca IPL device as we live in QLD, pigmentation is a common concern amongst our patients here. After using the device for 12 months and seeing excellent outcomes, we believed it would be an ideal addition to our scar revision services.”

What are the advantages of the device?

“Lumecca IPL device offers several advantages for our practice. We’re able to treat a range of skin conditions including age spots, sun damage, vascular lesions, rosacea, freckles and scarring while also providing scar therapy treatments as well as providing scar therapy treatments for our surgical patients. The device is versatile, efficient and safe.”

Again how do you get a ROI with the InMODE machines?

“InMODE devices can provide a return on investment (ROI) in several ways:

Firstly, the device can expand the range of services offered by your practice, attracting new patients who are seeking treatment for a variety of skin conditions. You can also use it in conjunction with other skin treatments and modalities for generally skin rejuvenation, hydration. This can increase revenue by providing a broader range of services to existing patients and attracting new ones.

Secondly, the devices offer relatively quick and painless treatments that require little to no downtime. This means that the machine can perform more treatments per day, which can increase the overall revenue of the practice.

Finally, the devices can help retain patients. Patients who are satisfied with the results of their treatment are more likely to return to the practice for additional services or recommend the practice to their friends and family. This can help to build a loyal patient base, which can increase revenue over time.”

Do InMODE offer extensive support and education with such devices?

“Yes! One of the things we value most about InMODE is their dedication to support, training, and education. InMODE offers comprehensive training programs to ensure that their technologies are utilised to their maximum potential, and their team is committed to ensuring that all of our staff members are proficient in using the technology. They provide ongoing support and are constantly exploring ways to help us maximise revenue with their devices.”

Dr Ian Chinsee is a qualified medical practitioner who graduated from the University of Queensland in 2007. Prior to this, he completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychobiology at the University of California, Los Angeles. He then underwent extensive surgical training through QLD Health, focusing on general surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery. After completing this training, he undertook further cosmetic surgery training and was awarded a fellowship by the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine.

Having performed over 3000 breast-related surgeries to date, Dr Chinsee has established a cohort of loyal and satisfied patients across Australia and New Zealand. Dr Chinsee is well respected by his patients for his approachability and compassion. By ensuring the entire process is comfortable and satisfying, his patients know they are well cared for.

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