Celebrity facialist Marionne de Candia talks creating a skincare range and caring for the world’s most beautiful faces

PB: FOR 30 YEARS you have tended to the skin of celebrities including Elle Macpherson – now you have launched your own line Medi SkinSaver what were some of the major concerns that you wanted to address with your products?

“Over my many years working with clients, there have been three recurring themes. People are: time poor, often overwhelmed by the complexity within the beauty product space, and are looking for clean, quality products that they can afford to continue with long term. My response has been to create pure, simple to use products that deliver results at a price accessible to all.”

PB: What is the secret to glowing skin?

“There are many lifestyle-oriented factors involved here but in terms of skincare, actives are essential for radiantly healthy skin. I can tell immediately if someone is using actives. They simply work. The two I prioritise in Medi SkinSaver are Vitamin B3 and Vitamin A.”

PB: Are there any quick cheats to fabulous skin?

“Better to live a wholesome lifestyle that doesn’t leave you resorting to last minute skin fixes. That said, a masque with a combination of: hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B3 and peptides is an intensive, short term option to consider.”

PB: Is there any celebrity that stands out for amazing skin?

“Kate Hudson has lovely skin. She has such a sunny, radiant personality that I suppose spills over to her skin as well.”

PB: What is the one product that you can’t live without?

“If I could only use one product, it would be the Vitamin B3 serum. Vitamin B3 in the form of niacinamide is such an all-rounder. Since B3 directly fuels the energy pathways of your skin cells, it helps optimise every aspect of skin function. A cell supplied with abundant energy naturally enters a state of maximum vitality.”

Tell us how you developed the range?

“Medi SkinSaver actually began with a request from leading Gold Coast Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon Dr Luke Stradwick (whom I work alongside performing surgery aftercare) for a topical form of Vitamin B3 to assist the many serious skin cancer patients he treats. Vitamin B3 taken orally in doses sufficient to help these patients carries an associated risk of unwanted side effects. Topical B3, however, delivers the vitamin directly to the cells that need it most. As such, therapeutic doses are much more readily tolerated. As someone with a long history in product formulation, this piqued my interest and the range developed from there.”

PB: What inspired you?

“Sydney University’s Professor Diona Damian has performed some fantastic research on the impact of Vitamin B3 in the form of niacinamide (somewhat confusingly, also known as nicotinamide) on overall skin health. I originally came across a paper she co-authored for the Skin Cancer Council. I was absolutely inspired by the promising results of her Vitamin B3 trials. In fact, when I first came across them I knew instantly that this was a product I needed to be using myself! As a result, I often refer to niacinamide as “the most scientifically sensible thing you can do for your skin”.”

PB: What are some of the biggest triggers for bad skin?

“The list is quite extensive. Sun damage, lack of sleep, excess alcohol, smoking and finally, overly aggressive skin treatments are my top concerns. The last on that list is particularly common and under-appreciated. Many people are actually damaging their skin in their attempt to improve it. In response, I have developed the simple mantra “be kind to your skin”. Beware anything that strips, scours or otherwise leaves your skin sensitive. The Medi SkinSaver range has received rave reviews from celebrities and makeup artists including Gucci Westman – tell us what the reaction has been like since you launched the range? “The reaction has been very positive. People using Medi SkinSaver love the way it feels – so pure and clean. Most importantly, they are seeing results. The range’s simplicity and affordability are well received too.”

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