BellaContour: the future of body contouring

bella contour machineThe BellaContour treatment is designed to break down stubborn fat and cellulite so it can be naturally released from the body. The ultrasound system painlessly and non-invasively locates and identifies the depth, density and thickness of fatty layers in the body. Using real time calculations, the frequency and intensity of the ultrasound waves are then adjusted by the practitioner so the most effective wave is directed at the fat cells, breaking the fat down into a liquid state. The liquid is then released through the body’s own natural processes, actively reshaping areas of concern, using the liquefied fat as the most readily available source of energy. It is ideal for use targeting the abdomen including flanks or love handles, inner and outer thighs, buttocks, gynecomastia (man boobs), calves and areas of the back. A treatment lasts 40 minutes and works on both the reduction of cellulite and circumference fat reduction. The treatments are usually spaced apart by 48 hours.

Although results vary for each individual, a measurable result will be achieved immediately after the first session and most people gain a noticeable result after two to five sessions. Optimal results can be achieved when the treatment is combined with regular physical activity and a balanced diet. It is advised to end treatments when results are satisfactory. Generally five to 10 treatments are required in order to meet expectations. Follow-up treatments are not required in order to maintain the achieved results as the results are permanent. Circumference will not return if weight is kept stable and while fat may reappear, it will take years for the body to accumulate it again.

BellaContour is not designed as a specific weight loss program as in order to lose weight it is essential to exercise regularly and maintain a balanced diet. However, significant results can be achieved by combining BellaContour with a weight loss program. The treatment is suitable for men even though they are not prone to developing cellulite; they have deep fat stores that can be improved by the treatments. Clinical experience has indicated excellent results for problem areas such as flanks and excess fat around the pectoral tissue in men. There are no side effects and patients have stated that there has been no post-treatment pain or discomfort. The numerous positive side-effects include: muscle soreness and bowel pressure relief, fading of stretch marks and skin toning. 

“I underwent a course of five treatments of BellaContour at The Lily Room, Chatswood, NSW. The treatment was more dynamic than any I had experience before; reliant on the client’s participation to alert the practitioner how their heat and electrodes are on a scale of one to ten. I was encouraged to venture out of my comfort zone and the benefits were truly exceptional with a substantial loss of several centimetres around three levels of my waist and abdomen. The electrodes, whilst initially surprising in their ferocity, are not uncomfortable, they create rhythmic contractions which feel as though dozens of little kittens are pawing at your stomach, an analogy my practitioner found quite amusing! The heat was the equivalent of a hot shower and at all times the practitioner ensured I was comfortable. At the time of the treatments it is recommended that moderate exercise is performed to stimulate weight loss and tone. I was unable to exercise during that fortnight due to other commitments however I still lost several centimetres circumference. Since I have resumed moderate exercise and weight loss results have been noticeable and sustained.” Jennie Lewis

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