7 Female Leaders on Leading by Example

Australia’s leading beauty and skincare Key Opinion Leaders share their best kept industry secrets and their plans for a successful 2024.

Tell us your stand out success for 2023.

Brittany Vescio, General Manager at Derma Aesthetics; dermaviduals and SIMKA

“One key improvement area we successfully delivered on in 2023 is filling the need for a brand new and improved client intranet portal “Dermapedia”. Dermapedia has replaced our clinic Dropbox system, with a brand-new online platform designed to streamline the way our clinics access marketing, education, and administrative resources.

We’ve gone above and beyond to also make this space a central location to navigate to our online ordering portal, education hub, website, and social media platforms. Everything our partners need, accessible in one place, 24/7. Dermapedia offers a more connected and efficient intranet experience for all Derma Aesthetics partners. Our news section is regularly updated with the latest news, launches, announcements, and updated documents so our clinics never miss a thing!

In addition to our operational improvement focus, we are of course, heavily focused on the development of new and innovative products across our brands. Watch this space!”

What do you consider the top business/operational challenges on your agenda for 2024?

Karen Revell, Managing Director at SUNLESS AUSTRALIA

“Sunless Australia is a relatively new business in Australia. Whilst our parent company Sunless Inc – based in the USA, has been around for over 20 years, Sunless Australia has been operational in Australia/NZ since Nov 2022. Ensuring we have the resources, structure, and processes necessary to deliver top
quality equipment and products is our number one priority.

Whilst I have been in this role for just under 6 months, the past 3 months has seen our business here in Australia start to grow. Utilising platforms to gain exposure out in the market place will be top on the list of priorities in 2024.”

[left to right] Brittany Vescio, Karen Revell, and Kristie Millgate

How is the industry changing and how are you adapting?

Kristie Millgate, General Manager at Dermalogica Australia

“The operational landscape of professional skin therapist is evolving, with a discernible split between Advanced Professional skin clinics in high-traffic areas and smaller, owner operator practitioners who entrust business management aspects to larger entities, like the ‘Salon Lane’ model.

Anticipated trends include a rising interest in preserving skin aging among younger consumers and growing demand for advanced skin services. This underscores the need for a proactive approach to meet evolving preferences and stay abreast of industry trends, ensuring our business remains responsive to the dynamic needs of our clientele.”

What is the quickest shortcut to success?

Lydia Jordane, Founder/Owner of Lycon Cosmetics

“I don’t think there are shortcuts as such, but some tips that I’ve learnt along my journey are, that you need to be honest with yourself and believe in what you’re doing. You need to have insight into what you’re doing and how it will benefit others. Then roll up your sleeves, work long hours and be very
passionate about what you do. Listen to others and absorb as much information as possible, so you can understand what the market and your customers’ needs are. Understanding what the needs are of others is important, so you can rise to the occasion and provide a solution that actually works for them.

There are a lot of building blocks on the path to success and if those blocks don’t fit, you cannot keep building. If something is not progressing, it is important to re-evaluate and restructure what you are doing. I am a huge believer in open honest communication at all levels, and that this communication needs to flow in all directions.”

What strengths are crucial for you to operate your business?

Maria Enna-Cocciolone, Founder of INSKIN Cosmedics

“Amidst the competitive field, particularly within the medical aesthetic industry, distributors play a pivotal role. INSKIN recognises the need for continuous innovation and solutions that distinguish itself from major retail players like Mecca, Sephora, and Adore. The commitment extends beyond the products themselves to the entire ethos of INSKIN COSMEDICS, emphasising the delivery of the best-in-class products with cosmedical actives that genuinely make a difference for the skin.

Positioned as a proudly Australian-made and owned brand, the products are not only endorsed by skin experts but are also integral to personalised skin journeys curated for patients. This holistic approach ensures that INSKIN COSMEDICS not only meets but exceeds the evolving demands of the market in 2023.”

[clockwise from left] Lydia Jordane, Maria Enna-Cocciolone, Victoria Curtis, and Dr Donna Marcal

How do you give back to the industry?

Dr Donna Marcal, Founder of Dermatonics

“We ensure we are giving back to the industry and supporting the industry through education and supporting events for clinic owners and therapists. Part of our values are transparency and education, and thus we truly value imparting knowledge and sharing knowledge through the industry and being a supportive brand for industry events.

I must also say, the industry has been amazing at supporting us, recognising who we are as a brand,
allowing us to share our voice and our experience and education for the industry.”

What is the quickest shortcut to success?

Victoria Curtis, Founder of Curtis Collection –

“I’m not sure there is any shortcut to success… hard work and perseverance will always prevail. In the digital age however, there may be various ways to fast track this process. The power of social media can certainly elevate and launch your brand quickly and gain interest and awareness where it was previously not possible.

All brands should maintain a strong focus in this area. However real success and longevity can only be achieved if you back this up with customer service, quality and strategic planning. It’s one thing to gain over night success and quite another to maintain it.”

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