Salon wellness equals salon success with Waterlily and Ultra Essence

Beauty destination Ultra Essence and Australian Skincare brand Waterlily have partnered together for over ten years.

Michelle Reeve, Waterlily’s Founder and Formulator sat down to speak with Karen Formosa, founder of Ultra Essence to reflect on their partnership, and to talk about what a truly holistic approach to wellness, guest experiences and business can look like.

Firstly, a holistic approach to spa wellness and guest experience is about rethinking our ‘either or’ approach to skincare and guest experiences. Questions such as: ‘is this product active or natural?’ ‘cosmeceutical or botanical?’ and, ‘remedial or nourishing?’ are no longer exclusively binary ideals!

Taking an expansive approach offers us so much more potential. For example, you can have a product that is both cosmeceutical and botanically active. And, you can have a skin needling treatment that feels as delicious and relaxing as it is dermal.

This holistic approach is how Waterlily tackles everything from formulating to creating beautiful spa rituals. Waterlily Spa Partner, Ultra Essence applies this approach too.

As for when this partnership was imagined into existence, Karen was first drawn to the Waterlily stand at the Sydney International Beauty Expo, impressed by the passion and love behind the Waterlily brand. Today, that passion remains, as do the amazing results from professional treatments, and homecare rituals from using the brand.

“For the team to be able to recommend and prescribe products, and knowing they are going to get results and deliver exactly what we recommend to our guests is amazing” Karen explains.

As well as a partnership built on trust, another key aspect of the partnership is the support offered by Waterlily. Karen shared with Michelle a little bit about what this has been like for her, the team and her guests.

Waterlily Business Support

“Waterlily monthly promotions are so generous. It really takes the pressure off. It’s all done for me, it’s fantastic. The business support is huge” Karen said.

In the creation of Ultra Essence, it was important that they took a really holistic approach to spa and wellness. The result is a space where you can truly relax.

“It comes back to being results driven, but recognising that people still need that beautiful relaxation time and downtime. This has been such a positive for us to have both. And it’s seen us grow. We got a lot of this inspiration from Waterlily” she shares.  Ultra Essence delivers an escape from the outside world. Their devotion to spa experiences that transform, replenish and rejuvenate have delivered not only wonderful results and experiences for guests, but excellent business results too.

“All of the extra rituals we have added, thanks to Waterlily… people are like, what? Really? This is for me? They are so impressed. They need to walk into a space, and feel ahhh… I can just relax.” Karen explains.

The business results for Ultra Essence of creating, and being, a truly soft space to land, regardless of the treatment being performed, is a busy team that’s booked far in advance.

Partner with Waterlily

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