The Global Beauty Group launches MediLUX LED

LED is arguably the most versatile technology in the modern treatment room ‒ an advanced skin renewal treatment in its own right that doubles as a results-boosting add-on option to virtually any facial service.

As LED machines get quite the daily workout across salons, spas, and skin clinic environments, it’s crucial that clinicians are equipped with LED technology that can keep up with the demand, as well as deliver on the results.

This is exactly what The Global Beauty Group had in mind when developing the dynamic MediLUX workstation. Exclusive to its LUX Series range of elite aesthetic technology, MediLUX delivers unprecedented power, service diversity and results in clinical strength light activated skin therapy.

With five treatment wavelengths including Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Near-Infrared, MediLUX is the highest strength LED Light Therapy Machine on the market boasting maximum power output per wavelength.

Featuring an extra-long treatment arm and large adjustable LED panel for maximum coverage, MediLUX was also designed to allow clinicians to move treatments beyond the face, making LED available to clients requiring skin renewal services on the back, stomach, hands, décolleté and more.

Treatments may be performed at a single strategic wavelength, layered using the handy pre-set facial functions, or completely customised for ultimate control and precision when clinicians opt for the manual Multi-Sequence Mode.

MediLUX also ticks all the boxes when it comes to functional design and portability. It was important for the design team to create a free-standing workstation that could be easily wheeled between treatment rooms as many times as necessary throughout the day without strain or effort for clinicians.

So, what can clinicians look forward to achieving with MediLUX? Everything you would expect from full-featured advanced LED machines, but with more power, greater treatment diversity and revenue-building capabilities. With the capability to achieve advanced skin results for acne, pigmentation, rosacea, ageing and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) stimulation and skin firming ‒ clinicians can develop advanced anti-ageing and skin renewal programs that clients of all ages and skin types benefit from.

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