Made in Switzerland and Singapore, SkinMTX® has been formulated for proven, sustainable results with its range of in-clinic and home-care Aesthetic Dermatology, Anti-Ageing, Anti-Acne, Skin Brightening and Special Care lines. Formulated with clinically-proven actives that offer unrivalled potency, SkinMTX® provides fast, effective solutions that exceed the demanding standards of aesthetic and dermatological care.

Leveraging Swiss expertise in the field of skin treatment solutions, SkinMTX® uses top-of-the-range ingredients that provide optimal efficacy and superior reliability to deliver clinically-proven results. At the heart of every SkinMTX® product is years of dedicated laboratory research and testing. The proprietary formulations harness the power of scientifically researched actives to provide efficacious and visible improvements to skin concerns with minimal irritation.

The brand has received worldwide industry recognition for its cutting edge technology and product efficacy over the years. Most recently, SkinMTX® TeloZyme™ Youth Activator was awarded the title 2021 Beauty Insider Best in Anti-Ageing. This multifaceted serum, based on the Nobel prize-winning discovery of telomeres, has been specially formulated to target the integrity of telomeres for younger-looking skin. It helps to boost skin function and provide better defenses against the signs of ageing, minimising the appearance of lines for a supple, taut complexion.

Signature technology behind SkinMTX® is also found in Intense RejuvorA™ Cream, fortified with RejuvorA™ a Vitamin A complex that utilises a unique encapsulation system to effectively deliver retinol into the skin without causing sensitivity or irritation as well as Peptide Serum+, a skin rejuvenating booster inspired by biomimetic-technology to restore skin equilibrium. This advanced peptide helps support the epidermal renewal cycle to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while diminishing the appearance of scars.

SkinMTX® offers a complete solution to dermatologists and skincare practitioners by providing  end-to-end options from in-clinic treatments (including pre, during and post)  to patient home care regimens and is trusted by dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and medi-spas worldwide.

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