QUESTION: In addition to the supplier and salon partnership, what other joint efforts can support a beauty business in their journey, whether it’s commercial or not for profit? Highlight the value of forming business partnerships.

Learning: Partnerships are absolutely critical for business success and customers always come first.

Mathew Green from Candela Medical said partnerships were absolutely critical for business success, and it could be in many forms. It could be professional relationships and organisations, with other salon owners to give added perspective, or professional bodies and associations.

Leeanne Leslie from Alpha-H Skin Clinic said the partnership with the customer was paramount and that if you didn’t have that relationship and nurture it, you had no business.

Heather Harrison from Advanced Skin Technology said customers, as well as staff, were looking for brands that were involvement in the community and that she was passionate about developing women to be the best that they could be.

Kaye Scott from The Clinic said she agreed with partnerships from a commercial point of view and that she’d been with AST for 20 years because of their professionalism and basic customer service.

Lee Tan from Groom Laser & Skin Clinic said it was important not to forget about other sorts of categories of businesses, because they could complement what you did.