What You Need To Know About Christmas Leave

Not up to date on your Christmas leave entitlements and obligations this year? We’ve got the latest information from HABA on what you need to know…

If the disturbing appearance of Christmas trees in department stores in early September hasn’t already alerted you, the festive season is on its way. And with Christmas time, so comes public holidays and business shutdowns. So whether you’re a salon employer or a salon employee, it’s essential to be aware of your obligations around these days.

Public holidays

According to the latest information from industry body, Hair & Beauty Australia (HABA), if your permanent employee (full time or part time) usually works a day in which a public holiday falls and the salon is closed that day, the employee will be paid the base rate (Monday – Friday rate) for hours they normally would have worked for the day. If your permanent employee is required to work, then they need to be paid the public holiday penalty rates.

Christmas and New Years leave

If your salon is electing to close between Christmas and News Years and you want to direct your employees to take annual leave during this period, you need to give them a minimum of 4 weeks notice in writing, specifying exactly when they’ll be expected to take annual leave. If any public holidays fall during the period of annual leave, they should be paid as public holidays and not deducted from leave entitlements.

Public holidays for all states

Following is a list of current public holidays for Christmas and New Years for all states in Australia.

  • Christmas Day Thursday 25th December 2014
  • Boxing Day Friday 26th December 2014
  • New Year’s Day Wednesday 1st  January 2015
  • Australia Day Monday 26 January 2015

For additional hours for South Australia only

The following hours only apply to South Australian residents.

  • Christmas Eve between 7pm – 12 am Wednesday 24th December 2014
  • New Year’s Eve between 7pm – 12am Tuesday 31st  December 2014

For more information on your leave obligations during the Christmas and New Years period, you can head to hairandbeautyaustralia.com.au



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