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Synergie Skin is pleased to announce they have been cruelty-free certified by Choose Cruelty Free Ltd.

Image: Krappweis on
Image: Krappweis on

The certification covers all products in the Synergie range and the process was officiated on April 17. Synergie is currently in the process of adding bunny logos on to all products and the new packaging will roll out immediately.

Choose Cruelty Free certifications require the brand to satisfy one of these rules:

– The never tested rule: products or product ingredients have never been tested on animals before, by the brand, suppliers or any third party
– The five year rolling rule: products or product ingredients have not been tested on animals within the last 5 years by the brand, suppliers or any third party

Choose Cruelty Free are also strict on animal-derived ingredients.

“This accreditation affirms that we will, at all times, formulate under the strictest of ethical guidelines. In order to maintain our certification we will ensure that our choice of ingredients in products also fall under the no animal testing guidelines,” said Terri Vinson, managing director of Synergie.

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