Survey concludes Australian women fear ageing

Recent research conducted by Australian online beauty portal,, revealed that 63 per cent of women feel pressure to maintain a youthful appearance in today’s society.

Almost a quarter of respondents confessed to having had cosmetic surgery – with 25 per cent of procedures to prevent or modify ageing. Eyelid and under-eye tucks, Botox and facelifts were high on the list with neck lifts, lip and wrinkle fillers receiving a significant mention. Of these women, 25 per cent were in the 25 to 45 age bracket – suggesting that the pressures of ageing are starting earlier in life.

The website cited Dr George M Calfas, cosmetic physician from GMC Cosmedical, who said he believes women are definitely aware and concerned with ageing. “The most common procedures at GMC Cosmedical are the use of dermal fillers to fill lines and lips, as well as the use of Botulinum Toxin Type A to stop wrinkles from re-forming,” he said.

Almost half the respondents revealed that the media has a considerable impression on the way they think about their looks and ageing. “Some of the older celebrities look great with cosmetic surgery – they look younger and happier. It makes me think what I could have done too”.

And while the media informs people about procedures available, it also creates an ideal that some felt impossible to live up to, with responses like: “Many young celebrities are going under the knife; it encourages fans to think it’s the norm.”

The rising pressure of youthfulness and the fact that cosmetic surgery is becoming less expensive and less invasive means more women are signing up for procedures.

“Cosmetic surgery is no longer only for the wealthy. Less invasive procedures and improvements in technology means the end result is a lot more natural. Most people prefer to hear that they look ‘fresh and rested’ as opposed to looking like they’ve had work done,” said Dr Calfas.

More than half of those surveyed were “happy with their bodies but could be better”, with a 61 per cent admitting they would consider cosmetic surgery in the future.

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