Skin Symposium with Gay Wardle

Gay Wardle, a leading educator in the field of advanced skin analysis will be speaking at the Skin Symposium across four states. 

2As an award-winning industry icon with almost three decades of experience in beauty therapy and skincare, Gay is a sough-after international speaker known for her Advanced Skin Analysis Training.

The one-day Symposium will consist of four topics: cell biology, tissue and homeostasis, the endocrine system and effect on hormones and bacteriology.

Cell biology: the structure and function of skin cells, causes of skin disorders at a cellular level and how to prescribe the right skincare and treatment.

Tissues and homeostasis: the structure and properties of specific tissues and influential factors, epithelial tissue and membranes, and how active ingredients/treatments work with the skin.

The endocrine system and effects on hormones: how the two are connected and how hormones directly affect our physical appearance and behaviour. You will also learn the multitudes of hormones that help maintain homeostasis on a daily basis.

Bacteriology: the different bacteria that inhabit our skin and the role they play.

Cost: $250 ($195 early bird if booked before June 30), for groups of 3+ the ticket price is $165 each

NSW – August 25
VIC – September 1
QLD – September 8
WA – September 15

For more information or to purchase tickets call (02) 8424 6625

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